NHL Player Safety To Look At Tuesday’s Hit On Vaakanainen

cut-1photo courtesy of NHL.com

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety announced that they will have a hearing today with Ottawa Senators’ Mark Borowiecki for the forearm he threw at Bruins’ rookie defenseman Urho Vaakanianen on Tuesday night.

The 1st period play took place when the Bruins were unable to capitalize on a loose puck in Ottawa’s crease. Vaakanainen entered the scrum from the blue line and Borowiecki put his left elbow/forearm into the back of the young Bruins’ helmet. There was no penalty called on the ice. Vaakanainen continued to play in the first but never returned for the rest of the game and it was announced he had suffered a concussion.

This occured in 19-year-old Urho Vaakanianen’s second NHL game.

“They’ll look at it. It’s a flying elbow. For me, and listen, I’m not in the heat of the battle. It looked fairly deliberate. He saw the player coming. But that’s not for me to decide. It’s unfortunate for Urho because he’s concussed. But at the end of the day, that’ll move up he food chain and somebody will have to make a decision on whether it’s suspendable or not.”

Bruins Head Coach, Bruce Cassidy

Others were more critical and direct with their thoughts on the play:

Thomas Nyström, Contributor.

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