Broadcasting Bobby: Bruins Celebrate Orr’s Cup-Winning Goal 50 Years Later!

Superman on skates: The aura of Bobby Orr | CBC Sports(Photo Credit:

By: Evan Michael | Follow me on Twitter @00EvanMichael

“Cleared, but not out. Bobby Orr… behind the net to Sanderson — ORR! BOBBY ORR! SCORES! And the Boston Bruins have won the Stanley Cup!”

When heralded hockey broadcaster Dan Kelly made that famous call on May 10th, 1970 (not to take anything away from the brilliant voice of B’s broadcast legend Fred Cusick), little did Kelly or anyone else know just how memorable or iconic it would become.

Now, fifty years to the day later, the Boston Bruins organization is celebrating it — and the team’s epic Stanley Cup-winning ’69-’70 season altogether — by asking fans to recreate how they would’ve voiced “The Goal.”

The clever and creative social media campaign began on the B’s Instagram page but has quickly flown (just like Bobby after scoring that unforgettable OT winner) over to Twitter, Facebook and beyond.

In case you’d like to hear “The Call” in its entirety… look no further than another great online resource: Youtube!


As for this lifelong Bruins fan and former sports broadcaster, This Date in Bruins History will always be a special one for me… even if I didn’t get to experience it live and in person. It was the moment my dad and grandfather chose to introduce me to B’s fandom. It was how I learned to bleed BLACK N’ GOLD for the first time — by watching Orr score over and over and over.

And with so many fellow fans and Boston buddies doing the same thing right now, it’s as if Orr’s moment in history has once again becoming living history

… As lifelike as the stunning statue soaring high above the ground outside TD Garden itself!

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