About Us

Blackngoldhockey.com is the direct home for all things in the BNG Family, including our premier entity, The Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast hosted by Mark Allred, Rob Tomlin, and Court Lalonde. You can listen to our weekly broadcast here on the website or through any of your favorite podcast providers.

You can also financially support our show by donating as little as $1 and have exclusive access to our new “What Ya Bruin” Mailbag segment where paying contributors get their questions answered with the highest priority. Go to patreon.com/blackngoldhockeypodcast for another way to cut our operating costs.

For information regarding advertising with The Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast or on the blog, please contact our web content specialist, Thomas Nyström at tnystrombng@gmail.com


A message from our founder, Mark Allred:

I’m a Bruins fan for over 30 years and have been writing about the greatest team in the National Hockey League for more than six years. I’ve been a staff writer for well-established websites such as Get Real Hockey,  Last Word On Sports, and The Hockey Writers.

My goal is to provide Bruins fans the most updated news about the organization from a fan’s perspective. I write about organizational players in the NHL, KHL, AHL, ECHL, OHL, QMJHL, WHL, NCAA, USHL and international teams playing overseas

I’m the host of the Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast which is another way I can voice my opinion with long time co-host Rob Tomlin who’s also a diehard fan that brings a boatload of knowledge to the show. You can find our podcast on Apple Itunes and soundcloud.com.

Thanks again for all the support!

Mark Allred Jr. – Founder, and CEO

Follow me on Twitter:   @BlackAndGold277

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thanxs once again, Mark Allred, for keeping us up to date!! I really value your opinion(s) on the transactions that take place, sometimes behind the scenes!! 😉 I do not have a cell phone, as I would LOVE to follow………In any case, you have been quite accurate, about certain issues, for lack of a better word, and I for one, am grateful!! I am rather a ‘rube’ at this computer biz, and find it sooooo frustrating, to not be able to ‘follow’ @theDonSweeney, or yourself!!!! Dang it!!!! Thx for all of your patience, and the ‘411’, by the minute, or so it seems to me!! Later MarK!! 😉
    I HOPE U GET THIS??????????????????

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dude. The coughing has to stop or muted. Love the podcast and I’ve told all my friends to give it a chance. I listen to podcast on my earphones at gym or when walking. But the coughing makes it unbearable. Again. Love the podcast. Don’t mean to be a dick.


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