Boston Bruins Charity Spotlight: The Cam Neely Foundation

Comics Come Home(Photo Credits: Cam Neely Foundation/Vanguard PR)

By: Liz Rizzo | Follow me on Twitter @pastagrl88

For the past 25 years, the city of Boston has held one of the biggest and longest-running comedy fundraisers in the United States- Comics Come Home. The event was co-founded by local comedian Denis Leary and Hall-of Famer former Bruin Cam Neely. The money raised by the annual event directly benefits the

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Happy 28th Birthday To Former Bruins Defenseman Joe Morrow!

( Photo Credit: by Boston Bruins @NHLBruins / )

By: Amy Tolman | Follow me on Twitter @amy7594

On this day in 1992, Joe Morrow was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His hockey career started with the Boston Bruins, in which he played for the team for three years, starting in the 2014 -2015 season until the 2016 – 2017 season.

Morrow was selected first round in the 2011

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On This Day: Bobby Orr Plays Final Game For The Bruins

( Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated Vault )

By: JD Young | Follow me on Twitter: @JD9899

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great holiday so far. I want to put the spotlight on some Bruins history that occurred today. On this day, 45 years ago, Bruins legend Bobby Orr suited up to play against the New York Rangers. The game was business as usual: Bruins won 6-4,

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The Best Bruins Moments: Decade by Decade

photo credit:

By Josh Houreas|follow me on Twitter @JHoureas

Ever since 1924, the Boston Bruins have entertained the fans of New England on the ice and around the country. Since then, the pioneers of professional American Hockey have dazzled fans on the ice. So decade by Decade lets take a look at the best moments in Bruins history.

The 1920s: Birth of a team soon to be Champions


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Bruins vs Canadiens: The Definition Of The Word Rivalry.

By: Josh Houreas  |  Follow Me On Twitter @JHoureas

The Montreal Canadiens are one of, if not the oldest hockey team in the National Hockey League. The Boston Bruins are the pioneer American Franchise in the League.

On December 8th, 1924, a rivalry, unlike any other, was born.

And it would change the course of hockey history forever.

Part I: The Beginning 

Montreal won the first meeting between the two

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The Best Bruins Moments (And Some Personal Favorites) From TD Garden

By: Josh Houreas  |  Follow Me On Twitter @JHoureas

Part one. The history.

In 1995, Bostonians everywhere bid farewell to the world-famous Boston Garden. Gone were the (not so) legal rink dimensions, the legendary Parquet floor of the Celtics, and many memories that will forever live in the lore of Boston sports. The Goal, Brad Park’s rolling puck rebound goal, and even the memories of early success in 1929, 1939,
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Bruins Alumni: Happy Birthday Flash Hollett

By: Andrew Lindroth | Follow me on Twitter @andrewlindrothh

Flash Hollett was born on April 13th, 1911, in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. He began playing in the International Hockey League (IHL) for the Syracuse Stars (IHL) as a 21-year-old defenceman from 1932-1933. During the time, though, he was playing both lacrosse and hockey and was first noticed by the Toronto Maple Leafs Owner after watching him play lacrosse with

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Bruins Alumni: Happy Birthday Lorne Duguid

By: Mark Allred  |  Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

Duguid was born on April 4th, 1910, in Bolton, Ontario. At the age of 17, Lorne started his junior hockey career with the Montreal Victorias where he appeared in 31 games contributing 21-0-21 numbers. After his three seasons of juniors, he signed as a free agent to play in the International Hockey League in November of 1930 with the Windsor Bulldogs.

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