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Bruins Collapse in Third Straight Loss: ‘We Need to Get Going’

(Photo Credit: Ben Jackson/NHL via Getty Images)

By: Jason Cooke | Follow me on Twitter / X @cookejournalism

After a near-perfect 14-1-3 start to the 2023-24 season, the Boston Bruins have had the longest losing streak of the year thus far. Boston has allowed 17 goals in their last three games amidst a structural collapse that leaves every facet of their game in question. Just when it looked like the … Keep Reading

Pastrnak, Lindholm Absences From Bruins May Be A Good Thing For Long Playoff Hopes

( Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer / Getty Images )

By: Matthew Cunha | Follow me on Twitter @CunhaMatthew

Let’s be abundantly clear. Both the newly acquired Hampus Lindholm and goal-scoring sensation David Pastrnak are required pieces to the Bruins 2022 Stanley Cup puzzle. But as we sit 11 games out of the playoffs, them missing a few late regular-season games may end up benefiting the Boston Bruins in the long … Keep Reading

Potential Targets for the Bruins Blue Line

( Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images North America )

By: Kevin O’Keefe | Follow me on Twitter @Kevin_OKeefe89

The season is still young, but one glaring need has reared its ugly head consistently to this point. The need for a defenseman who can help stabilize the top-four has been a thorn in the side of Boston for years now. After parting ways with defensemen Torey Krug and Zdeno … Keep Reading