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The first superstar in Boston Bruins history was the great Eddie Shore as he exemplified the meaning of “team” defense which would be the staple of the franchise today ninety-three years later.  Although Shore had exceptional attributes for the game so long ago, he also had a dark side that installed fear in many opponents. One player that seemed to not back down from Shore and his tough style of play was legend defenseman, King Clancy who played his first nine years with the Ottawa Senators, then ending his playing days with a seven-year stint with the Toronto Maple Leafs.


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With the 100-year celebration of the National Hockey League in full swing this season I remember a story I heard from analyst Jeff Marek who spoke with Shore’s grandson. Shore’s grandson told a story of the hatred between his grandfather and Clancy for many years and one time during a game in Boston the two locked up and fought. Shore struggled with his footing during the fisticuffs and ended up falling to the ice. Clancy, not one for giving up easily leaned down landing a sucker punch to the face of Shore as he tried to get to his feet. Shore who wouldn’t tolerate Clancy’s actions got to his feet and skated over to Clancy saying “I dare you to do that again,” and Clancy replied, “well get back on the ice.”


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After the games those fans that witnessed their star defenseman get taken advantage of waited for Clancy outside the arena to show him his actions were uncalled for. As Clancy exited the building he was immediately greeted by a mob of fans. Still inside after getting dressed and cleaned up, Shore heard the commotion outside and ran to seemingly get his revenge. What happened next Shore’s grandson said was a shocking moment because instead of an act of revenge, Eddie was in the middle of the mob fighting off the hometown fans helping his hated arch rival through the crowd to his bus that was waiting outside.

I thought that was an interesting story and thought I’d share what Jeff Marek said and provide an insightful video that Chris Shea put together on Youtube. A little Boston Bruins history for you and hope you enjoyed.