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As a diehard Boston Bruins fan and hockey fan in general, I’m forever searching for ways to listen to my favorite team and news surrounding the National Hockey League. Living close to Boston I find teams such as the Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox get more attention due to popularity and understand the recent years of Bruins hockey haven’t helped the cause. Because of the lack of Bruins coverage regardless of how the team is doing in the standings has made me look at other options to get my hockey fix during my long work week or out and about getting some exercise and the best way to fulfill my need on a daily basis has come down to downloadable podcasts.

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Podcasts are a great way to listen to what interests you whether it’s sports related or not, and they have the ability to listen when it’s convenient for you. I subscribe to 80 hockey podcasts that provide me with the information and news I need to hear during my 40-hour a week job and exercise activities and what I find most interesting about these shows is most of them aren’t from mainstream media but from a fan perspective as sometimes their opinions are more important than popular sports outlets conversations. When it comes to written content about the Bruins I’m sometimes overwhelmed with all the news I need to get caught up on from local writers such as Ty Anderson, Joe Haggerty, Matt Kalman, and Jimmy Murphy but find the audio is my go to for those convenient times.

Below in no particular order are my favorite Bruins related podcasts and other shows that need to be mentioned as important listens to my busy week and great sources of information when time to read is not available. I hope you enjoy and have a moment to check out what these great shows have to offer.

Bruins Diehard 

Hosted by the owner of Williams Broadcasting John Williams and Bruins Blogger Nick Godin, this podcast sets the bar for knowledgeable hockey talk coming out of the New England area. This is a weekly show that’s had great hockey personalities such as Ty Anderson and Jeff Mannix on as special guests and is a show that’s fan friendly when it comes to call-in interactions.

As a longtime listener and guest on the show, I’ve really enjoyed the topics of discussion on both sides of the spectrum and highly recommend you also give this awesome program a try as they strive to be the best source of Bruins news.

Platforms to listen: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Player.FM, and the Williams Broadcasting website.

Social Media Accounts: Twitter @BruinsDiehards   Facebook: Bruins Diehards

The Spoked “B” Podcast

Hosts Andrew Charles, Jesse Gaunce, and Zach Weiner put on a fantastic program covering all the news and opinions surrounding the Bruins organization. I love the way this show expresses their thoughts and even get worked up in discussions at an explicit adult aspect. All three hosts have certain areas of expertise, and a must listen for those interested in some good ole Bruins hockey talk on sometimes a weekly basis.

I’ve been a subscriber for about a year now since they joined up to be heard on the more popular ways to listen and always look forward to what they have to say. I highly recommend these guys and hope everyone reading this gives them a chance as you won’t be disappointed.

Platforms to listen: Apple Podcasts, Player.FM, SoundCloud

Social Media Accounts:  Twitter @TheSpokedBPod  @andrewcharles91 @jessegaunce @zdubs    Facebook The Spoked B Podcast 


Bruins Beat Podcast

This show is one of my must-listens for sure because hosts Jason Buckley, Joe Gill, and Micheal Settipani go through the ups and downs of being a Boston Bruins fan from their perspective and also mention the most recent hot topics going through Bruins Nation on the weekly program. The popular Bruins podcast is a product of the new wave of Boston sports news coming from CLNS Radio which is an up and coming competitive source for all your Boston Sports needs.

I like this show for the serious Bruins topics and fun discussions as well. Although communications are sometimes interrupted with internet issues, it still remains a solid show and another one that I can’t wait for publishing. Aside from the incredible hockey knowledge from different generations of these B’s fans they’ve had impressive special guest appear on the show such as Bruins writer Jimmy Murphy and former Bruins player now an analyst on the NHL Network Dave Ried. Give them a listen for the regular season news but more importantly give a follow during the long offseason as the three amigo’s keep the weekly hockey talk flowing.

Platforms to listen:  Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Player.FM, Stitcher Radio 

Social Media Accounts:  CLNS Media Network, Bruins Beat Podcast   Jason Buckley, Joe Gill, Micheal Settipani 


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While I have you here I’d like to take the opportunity to promote the Bruins hockey podcast that I do with two fantastic friends of mine that also have a strong passion for everything Bruins related.

The Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast 

Our show is entirely based on the Boston Bruins organization as a whole from the NHL down to the prospects spread out worldwide. Our show always takes a look at the week behind in the schedule and what to expect in the upcoming week as our shows on a Sunday which we think is the pivot point for great Bruins Hockey Talk. Besides myself located near Boston, Massachusetts I’m joined by Court Lalonde based out of the Toronto, Ontario area and Rob Tomlin who joins us from all the way over in the United Kingdom.

One of the things that separate us from other great podcasts is our willingness to talk about the future players in the development system as all the hosts take the time to watch these minor-pro level prospects and give our opinion using the old eye test. We’ve had wonderful guests such as Bruins writers Rhonda McClure, Brandon Share-Cohen, Andrew Thompson, and numbers guru Spencer Fascetta and continue to get better with more appearances scheduled for future shows.

Platforms to listen:  Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Player.FM, SoundCloud, Sticher Radio, The Hockey Writers Podcast Channel

Social Media Accounts:  Twitter  @BlackAndGold277  @courtlalonde @Rob40bruins @BlackNGoldPod    Facebook  Black N’ Gold Hockey Page


I also listen to many out of market hockey podcast to fill the listening time at work or play and thought I’d share a few of my personal favorites in hopes you also check them out. As much od a Bruins fan I am, there just aren’t enough podcasts available that are related to completely take over my weekly agenda but I find going out of bounds gives me a different perspective when learning about other league news and respected fan base reactions.

Below is a list of recommended podcasts and information about how to listen and how to follow their social media accounts.

Steve Dangle Podcast

Although based on the events and news of the Toronto Maple Leafs, this show hosted by the trio of Jesse Blake, Steve Dangle, and Adam Wylde is a knowledgeable listen and a hell of a good time on a comedic level. This show isn’t entirely about the Leafs all the time as they dive into other hot topics around the NHL to break up the monotony.

Platforms to listen: Apple PodcastsSoundCloud, Stitcher Radio,  Player.FM

Social Media Accounts:  Steve Dangle, Jesse Blake, Adam Wylde 

Spittin’ Chiclets

A Barstool Sports production, local hockey nuts Rear Admiral, former NHL defenseman Ryan Whitney and beer leaguer producer Mike Grinnell provide a fun way to look at the news surrounding the Bruins and rumbling throughout the NHL. These guys are hilarious, to say the least, and have often been seen by co-workers when I bust out laughing practically on the floor sometimes.  This podcast is so good I could honestly listen to a four-hour program and wouldn’t get bored but wish they’d do two shows a week regardless.

Platforms to listen:  Apple Podcasts,  Player.FM

Social Media Accounts:  Rear Admiral, Mike Grinnell, Ryan Whitney, @StoolChiclets


ScuttlePuck Podcast  

This is a wonderful weekly broadcast from friends Mike Bonn who’s a passionate Edmonton Oilers fan and Pete Wood who contributes his dislike and passion for his beloved Montreal Canadiens. No “pun” intended but you’d think these two hockey fans would be like oil and water (Canadiens the Water, lol) but it’s actually been a pleasure to listen to these members of the show for the last two years or so. I like the way they talk about their teams then quickly address the news surrounding other teams in the league. Definitely, a must listen and follow and highly recommend you get in on the fun and expert opinions from very interesting special guests.

Platforms to listen:  Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Player.FM, Google Play

Social Media Accounts:   Twitter @13mike31 @petesvo   Facebook ScuttlePuck


The Hockey Nuts Podcast

Another must listen for all hockey fans and especially one’s of the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers. Transplants from the Northeast to the Carolina’s Steve Ball (Ranger Fan) and Wayne Hallee (Bruins Fan) take an in-depth look at their respected teams and an even detailed look around the world of hockey. I wasn’t kidding about the world of hockey as these two hockey nuts talk about the NHL and their affiliated minor team to the news over in the KHL and life in the Russian pro league. Definitely, well versed and well-produced show that I recommend for those hockey junkies.

Platforms to listen:  Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Stitcher Radio, iHeart Radio, The Hockey Writers Podcast Channel

Social Media Accounts:  @waynehallee9 @sball504man @thehockeynuts


Beyond The Blade 

If you’re a Buffalo Sabres fan and want to hear the most recent happenings from the team you seriously need to follow this podcast. Hosts Chad DeDominicis and Bill Schake do a fantastic job of covering the Sabres from the NHL level all the way down to the prospects of the future. Another show that does cater to their home team but also makes time for other important news going on in the NHL or related hockey topics. Even tho I’m not a huge fan of Buffalo, I like to listen to good hockey talk and that’s what you’re going to get here with the addition of knowledgeable special guests. I highly recommend this program for your weekly listens.

Platforms to listen:  Apple Podcasts. SoundCloud, Player.FM, Stitcher Radio   The Hockey Writers Podcast Channel 

SSocial Media Accounts:   Twitter Chad DeDominicis  Bill Schake  Show Account: Beyond The Blade    Facebook:  Beyond The Blade 


Thanks for reading my article about my favorite podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis and hope you have a chance to take my recommendations and listen for yourselves. There were many shows that I wanted to list but wanted to keep this read to 1800 words. I’ll be sure to do another article and involve more of my favorites on this topic during this long hockey offseason.

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