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For the longest time, the Boston Bruins would use the Ristuccia Arena in Wilmington, Massachusetts as a practice facility and summer offseason development camps and Main camps for close to thirty years but now with an updated training regiment for today’s athletes, a facility upgrade was much needed. The Ristuccia housed the B’s training events in a facility that was 7,900 sq ft which included ice surface and locker room/weight training area. The new Warrior Ice Arena in Brighton, Massachusetts houses 75 thousand sq ft of ice/seating arena and 25 thousand square feet dedicated to the locker room and top of the line training area that could seemingly be an attraction for incoming free agents and prospects that surround themselves in the pro-environment.

With the B’s being removed for over a year now the name-stay for the Ristuccia building since the B’s won the Stanley Cup in 2011 is being sold. After the Cup win, the Ristuccia facility dedicated a replica of the world famous trophy in honor of the team that brought the cup back after 39 long years.

Jimmy Murphy host of’s  Bruins Beat Podcast and soon to debut The Murphy’s Law Podcast on @MuphsHockeyLaw  Tweeted this out earlier today with details on how to own this piece of history for yourselves.


Would definitely make a great conversation piece around a diehard Bruins fans home or that ultimate look on customers faces when they walk into your company or place of Business.

Just an idea of the changes made for those who haven’t made the trip to the new Warrior Ice Arena facility. The order below will go with images from the Ristuccia Memorial Rink first, then end with the upgraded training center.

Ristucccia Arena

The Bruins organization held a Development Camp Day at Ristuccia Memorial Arena in Wilmington on Thursday. This was the last event held at the arena that they have been using since the late 80’s. SUN/JOHN LOVE

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Warrior Ice Arena

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