(**NOTE**:  All images were screencapped by me;  the footage is owned by NESN & the NHL)

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Welcome back to Bear Sightings!  In this edition, we share some caps from the Bruins’ game vs the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday, October 21, 2017.  If you would like a more thorough recap of the game, please check out our colleague KG’s post here.  It’s a really good and enjoyable read!

On to the show!

Score:  Bruins 4 — Sabres 5 (OT)

There was another pregame moment of silence to honour Mr Roger Napolitano, a lifelong Bruins fan and WWII veteran who had passed away October 13, 2017 (the article I found above is fascinating–what a wonderful man!)


The Bruins began the game as if they were picking up where they had left off with the Canucks:  full steam ahead.  Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak got 2 goals each for the boys in the B, in what seems to be turning into a friendly competition for the team’s #1 in goals, both tallying numbers 5 and 6 respectively:









That’s where all the fun ended.  For some reason our boys collapsed in the 3rd period, allowing for the Sabres to rally and tie it in the closing minutes.  They would go on to win it in OT on what could have been goalie interference but ruled otherwise.

That was pretty depressing, wasn’t it?

BUT despite that, there were a few bright spots:

Defenseman Paul Postma finally made his Bruins’ debut given the injuries to Miller and McQuaid.  He seemed pretty steady and definitely eager to make the most of this opportunity from my eye test.


Sean Kuraly had this nifty breakaway which almost resulted in a goal.


And Jack Edwards gave us this interesting insight into Patrice Bergeron’s further forging of his place in Bruins’ history.


Now for this game’s Token Ugly, I give you…

The Buffalo Sabres bench!


They’re a pretty boring looking bunch yes?  Not only that, but what exactly are they all staring at anyway?

Miscellaneous Bear Sightings!


Thank you for joining me! See you next time and Go Bruins!