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This is an article I’ve been looking forward to writing for a while now. And first of all, to let you know, HUGE thanks to the people over at Seriously, it’s a great website if you want to look at the history of NHL jerseys.

My Top Five may not be what everyone likes, but these are my favourites. I know one pick will have a lot of people up in arms, but whatever. I like it. So here we go.

#5 – 1981-1995


This is a simple jersey, and the bears on the shoulder were pretty new, only coming out the previous year. Plain stripes, nice Spoked “B”, good font. I mainly like this one because this is the only Bruins jersey I currently own. And own is even a reach. I just asked my dad if I could wear it and he said sure. He got it when he was younger. So I guess part of the reason I like it is that there’s a little connection there. Overall, a good, solid jersey.

#4 – 1995-2006 (Also known as the ‘Pooh Bear’ jersey)


Now before you start, yes, I know that this is one of the most controversial Bruins jerseys, and yes, I side in favour that it is good. It was the 90’s. A lot of jerseys had wacky designs. Example A will be featured below. I also like that one. But when they were designing this, they must have thought, “Let’s get bold, take a risk” and they did. I think it paid off for them because if you love it or hate it, you can’t tell me that the bear on the chest isn’t loveable.

Example A

#3 – 2010 Winter Classic (Photo from


The main reason why I like this jersey is the cursive-typed Spoked “B”. It’s very comforting to look at. The arm/waist stripes are also a good size. The colours also remind me of the 1925-1934 jerseys with the honey-ish tone. Definitely one of my favourite outdoor jerseys.

#2 – 2008-2016 (The Return of the Alternates)


This is one of the main jerseys I remember using in all the NHL games when I was younger. I just loved the full bear on the front. The solid black with just hints of gold took a lot from the jersey, and just made the shoulders black and added different logos in spots. I really think this is the best jersey since my first pick.

#1 – 1969-1974 (Number 4, Bobby Orr)


The main reason why I like this one so much is the history behind it. The great Bobby Orr won the Cup while wearing this version. To me, it’s one of the best because it’s so elegantly simple. One logo, three colours and some lace. Perfect.

Bottom 5



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