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Bruins Photographer Alan Sullivan Needs Your Help

By: Mark Allred              Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

I’ve known for some time that my friend and Bruins photographer Alan Sullivan has been struggling with diabetes and recently found out some terrible news over the holiday season and could use some help from the many folks that he’s meet in the past and touched through his work covering the Boston Bruins, Providence Bruins, and other sports-related events. I meet Alan three years ago at the annual Bruins Development Camp at Ristuccia Memorial Arena where the Bruins used to hold team camps and practices before upgrading to the new Warrior Ice Arena in Brighton, Massachusetts.

Alan has always been a class act when I need permission to use an image for any articles and always up to meet at Bruins related events to have a friendly discussion about life and whats going on throughout the organization. He’s still going strong with the no quit attitude after his recent diagnosis and I had the pleasure to talk for awhile as he was in attendance at last night’s Boston Bruins – Montreal Canadiens contest at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts doing the thing he loves as the B’s beat the Habs 4-1 in front of a sold-out crowd.

I’m asking all the readers of the Black N’ Gold Hockey Blog to please take a moment and read up on the struggles my friend Alan is going through and even consider donating to his cause to not only save his foot/leg but ultimately help save his life.

Below is Alan Sullivan’s message from his GoFundMe Page. Details to donate are provided below.

For over 6 years I have been in a severe battle with Diabetes.  In this battle, there have been many fights and it has come to pass that I have lost most of those fights.

All the toes on my right foot have been amputated, through several surgeries. This is the result of Osteomyelitis (bone infections) and other diabetic related issues.

Today, I am in a new fight:  to save my foot and leg from being amputated just below the knee due to another bone infection currently in my heel.

This news came to me as I was recently hospitalized again.   I had a feeling things were not going well because of a blister from a few months ago. It began to hurt and that is not a good sign for me as I am now aware of what it feels like to get Osteomyelitis.  On December 26, a visit to the emergency room confirmed my suspicion. I was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital and treated for 5 days. Doctors confirmed that I do have Osteo again and that I am in danger of losing the foot & leg up the knee if treatment does not work yet again.

As most of you know, I have been in some form of walking boot for the last 6 years.  I am probably more recognizable with the boot on (and sometimes my scooter!)  but I still smile every day and I never let it or these battles beat me down.

However, there is another battle on this front which has finally caught up to me: medical bills.  Costs ranging from medications, treatments, doctor visits (I have been paying $60 co-pays almost weekly for over a year) and hospital stays – many of which are not fully covered my insurance – have been a major concern for me.

These new bills for this new treatment to save my foot & leg will be devastating, as I am only one man and make one salary and I am going to be out of work for up to 6 weeks along with already being out for almost 8 weeks this past summer. I simply cannot catch up with all the bills that are coming in and today I am asking for your help.

I’ll be honest, I hate to be the person that needs a Go Fund Me page. However, after much consideration, I feel as if this is my only option and I am truly humbled to be doing such a thing.

I want to be back up again and taking photos at the Bruins games   –  please help me save my foot and donate to my cause.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please consider making a donation  –  of any amount, as anything would be a tremendous help!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely yours,
Alan Sullivan

Below is a link to donate and help my friend and a classy gentleman.×824-save-the-foot

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  1. Heather Holman

    Can I have your address Allan so I can help. I don’t have credit cards.

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