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By Cameron Young | Follow me on Twitter @cmoney008

Hello, my name is Cameron Young and I recently joined the Black N Gold Hockey Podcast team as a YouTube content creator. I am going to be making different types of videos relating to the Bruins, like….

  • rankings
  • NHL 20 simulations
  • game previews/reviews

Once the puck drops again. I have already posted an awards prediction and Stanley Cup ranking video on my channel with more videos in the pipeline as well. I would appreciate it if people could subscribe to my channel as I am trying to help grow BNG Hockey Productions on YouTube with some discussion videos to go along with the podcasts and website content.

In my newest video, I start a brand new series where I take control of the Bruins in an NHL 20 Franchise Mode save and simulate the games to see how I can do in charge of the Bruins front office. This first episode has the set up for the save as well as the first 3 preseason games. Below are the timestamps for some of the key parts of the video:

  • Set-up: 1:10
  • Game 1: 6:30
  • Game 2: 10:49
  • Game 3: 12:12

As I continue to make more videos, my goal is to increase the quality of the content as well as introducing a variety of Bruins content. I am open to suggestions in the comment section to add more to my current list of ideas as well as ways to make the videos better.

Check out the new Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast episode 183 that we recorded below on 6-14-20! You can find our show on many worldwide platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Stitcher!

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