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Andy Hebenton

On December 4, 1963, Andy “Spuds” Hebenton, right-wing for the Boston Bruins, set a new National Hockey League record in playing his 581st game. Hebenton never missed a game in his entire career. This game was played in a 2-2 tie game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Most of his nine-year career was with the New York Rangers, but Boston was where he played his last year. He appeared in 216 games in the minors before the Rangers obtained him in 1955 and, coincidentally, another 216 consecutive games in the minor leagues after the Bruins released him in 1964.

Hebenton was a 5′-9″ 180-pound forward was essentially indestructible, playing on right-wing in the original six during the 1950s and ā€™60s. During the time when players had yet to wear helmets and brawls were common.

In his 630 games, he scored 189 goals, 202 assist for 391 points. During his time with Boston, he scored 12 goals and had 11 assists for 23 points. He had a hat trick on January 18, 1964, against Toronto while being a Bruin.

By the end of Hebenton’s career, he had played 630 straight games. He broke the record for most consecutive games, which was later broken by Garry Unger in the 1970s and is currently held by Doug Jarvis with 964. He is also an honored member of the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame.

On January 29, 2019, he passed away at the age of 89 in Oregon.

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