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Report: Boston Bruins To Play Outdoor Game in 2021

(Photo Credit: Kyle Clauss)

By: Andrew Taverna | Follow me on Twitter @andrewtaverna

On the fifth anniversary of the Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens Winter Classic at Gillette Stadium (yes, we’d all like to forget that game), Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet is reporting that the Boston Bruins are likely to be involved in an outdoor game of their own in February of 2021.

The game will reportedly take place at Edgewood Tahoe Resort in Lake Tahoe. The “Weekend Event” will be a two-day two-game showcase played near the 16th, 17th, and 18th holes of the course where the celebrity tournament generally occurs. The four teams playing outdoor games will be the Las Vegas Golden Knights versus the Colorado Avalanche and Philidelphia Flyers versus the Boston Bruins. Vegas and Colorado would play the first matchup on Saturday, February 20th. This was an oddity on the schedule from the very beginning, according to Friedman, because it’s the only Saturday NBC Broadcast before April 17th.

The Bruins and the Flyers will then play on Sunday, February 21st, in their outdoor game. This game looked different on the schedule because it’s the only time in the season Boston had a six-day gap between games and Philidephia has a five-day gap between games. This gap between games now makes sense when you consider travel and preparation required for the outdoor game.

With the NHL looking to do something different and unique this season, I’d say a Lake Tahoe outdoor game at a popular golf destination meets that requirement. Let’s hope this game goes better for the Bruins than their outdoor game five years ago at Gillette Stadium.

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  1. Bruins fan

    Doesn’t make sense they mad the new divisions so they don’t travel far. Then they make this game for the Bruins and the Flyers in Tahoe. Why couldn’t they play in Boston at Fenway or in Pholadelphia outside. Doing this why can’t we play the games against all the teams.

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