(Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

By: Martin Borys | Follow me on Twitter @kmartin133

With Cassidy getting fined earlier today, the Department of Player Safety followed up with a $5,000 fine on Boston Bruins’ Nick Ritchie. This looked questionable during the play, but the ref’s arms stayed down despite Scott Mayfield’s opinion on the hit.

In Game Five against the Islanders, Ritchie skated towards Mayfield, looking to play the puck and clipping Mayfield. Mayfield was playing the puck from a knee and was more exposed to getting clipped. It is difficult to tell if it was malicious or not since Ritchie is putting the puck on his stick while his elbow makes contact with Mayfield.

This is also the second time Mayfield has been the subject of a fineable hit. The first was Jake Debrusk’s cross-check in game two, and now Ritchie has been fined for his actions against Mayfield in game five. Neither of these was called during the games but were reviewed by the NHL’s Player Safety afterward. There have been numerous uncalled penalties on each side during this series.

In each of the three Bruins losses to the Islanders, there have been fines against the Bruins the following day. This $5,000 fine is the third fine against the Bruins forward group during this second-round series against the Islanders. A total of $15,000 in fines has been assessed against the Bruins players so far in this physical series.

For Game Six on Wednesday night, it would be expected to see a more disciplined Bruins group. Not wanting to draw any more unnecessary penalties is important for the Bruins to come back in game six.