(Photo Credit: Jim Davis / The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

By: Martin Borys | Follow me @kmartin133

Fans are always a big part of any sport. It’s an even bigger impact due to not having fans in attendance for the past year. For the Bruins having the fans in attendance brings them joy and motivation. This is what the fans want, and the players need, more motivation in a year filled with unforeseen obstacles.

What Bruins fans should expect is a battle from both teams. No one side is better than the other. They’re expected to have a strong fight on both sides. Bad plays happen every night on every team; it happens. There is no need for fans to beat up on National Hockey League players that have worked tirelessly to help their team.

Fans’ responsibility is to cheer on their team, win or lose, and never give up hope. There have been numerous fans beating up players for having a bad night. It doesn’t matter if they prevented a few goals last game; they get hounded by fans.

Some Boston fans need a reminder that a positive outlook on players goes further than any negative opinion. In game two against the Islanders, Jeremy Lauzon made a pass that hit the skate of Charlie Coyle, which led to an Islanders converting a breakaway for an overtime goal. After that overtime loss, there was an abundance of fans online raking Lauzon over the coals. Meanwhile, Brad Marchand did not throw Lauzon to the wolves; he said that “We all make mistakes; we’ve all been there. It’s tough when it happens to you, but we’re gonna bounce back.” This is the support you expect from one of the top leaders on the Boston Bruins. As fans, we should be motivating our Bruins players and not trying to tear them down. Focus on the positive because there is so much to love and admire about this Boston Bruins team!

It is no surprise that players shut down their social media for certain periods to preserve their mental health. Chris Wagner, a Walpole Ma. native, deleted his Instagram and Twitter in March while saying, “I think it’s bad for the brain right now.” Just because they’re on the big screen and look like superstars does not mean they aren’t human. Everyone can have a bad day or a small mistake. This is a team sport; players that come out and shine only reflect their light on the rest of their team’s effort.

Fans should have more respect and compassion for players that have given up more freedoms this year. Being isolated in hotels away from families and friends, in order to play this game. Watching Hockey this past year has made it feel a little bit more normal. Boson players love nothing more than to make their fans happy. (insert Happy Pasta in front of a packed TD Garden)

Boston Bruins are worth more than a few bad takes. Boston has a huge fan base because we never give up on one another. This is Boston Sports, baby, win or lose, we’re still in this together!