( Photo Credit: Steve Babineau / NHLI )

By: Sam Minton | Follow me on Twitter @sam_minton22

Jake DeBrusk’s time in Boston seemed to be coming to an end after yet another disappointing season, but maybe that isn’t the case. Bruce Cassidy and DeBrusk seem ready to turn the page and start the 2021-22 season off fresh.

DeBrusk was once again inconsistent last season. In 41 games, he only tallied five goals and nine assists. For someone who was supposed to be a top-six forward, that simply isn’t good enough.

The situation got so bad for DeBrusk that he ended up getting healthy scratched, and forced to watch the game from the ninth floor. Things couldn’t have gone much worse for him.

But this season is yet another chapter in the neverending story of the NHL. With a new season comes a fresh start for teams and players.

Training camp kicked off for the Bruins on Wednesday, and the Bruins head coach talked about conversations that he had with DeBrusk at the end of last year.

This season will likely be the first regular season for players and fans since things came to an abrupt halt in mid-March 2020. Players will actually be able to enjoy some time with their teammates on road trips, and also, thanks to the development of vaccines, player’s minds aren’t likely to be as worried about the virus compared to past seasons.

The Bruins are actually making an effort to help players get to know each other after being cooped up these last two years. When you combine that with some roster turnover, Cassidy is looking to help get the players to know one another.

DeBrusk has the potential to surprise some people this season. Expectations are pretty low for him after his disappointing performance. Even if he gets 35 or 40 points this season, it will be viewed as a success.

The winger will be put in a position to succeed as he will likely be on the third line. He will be going up against lesser talent and should be able to score at a much more successful pace.

If DeBrusk wants to succeed, he has to be a more consistent player. He can’t go through these spells where he disappears and is unable to score goals. DeBrusk needs to be giving it all on every shift, whether that means lighting the lamp or simply just fighting hard for the puck in the dirty areas.

The 2020-21 season seemed to be a make-or-break for the winger. With DeBrusk about to turn 25 years old, he is reaching a tipping point in his career where Boston needs to see if he can become a top-six player or if the Bruins should move on and give younger prospects a chance.

So it appears that DeBrusk can start the 2021-22 season without feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. The winger seems to have the support of his head coach, which after last season should mean a lot to him.

Bruins fans will be hoping that DeBrusk is able to bounce back and return to the form that they saw when he was a young player racking up over 40 points a season. If not, Bruce Cassidy and the Bruins brass will likely be forced to move on from the once-promising winger.