( Photo Credit: NHL.com )

By: Nick Gendreau | Follow me on Twitter @NGendreau1993

Following a 4-3 victory over the San Jose Sharks on Sunday afternoon, the Bruins top scorer let the media know that his game isn’t entirely where he wants it to be. But, what is it that Marchand can do more during this young season? His seven points (four goals and three assists) are good for first on the squad and 15th in the league.

His plus-minus sits at the top of the team with a +3, and his ridiculous 44% shooting percentage also makes him the top dog. Sure, hockey isn’t always about the goals and assists; there is much more to the game than that, and Marchand has continued to show that throughout his career by being a penalty killer, an agitator, and a leader on and off the ice.

As he enters his 12th full season with the Boston club, Marchand noted that he hasn’t been controlling pucks as well, and he has been tired before some games so far in the young campaign. But every year, it seems that Marchand stays on top of his game all season long and rarely ever appears to “take a night off.” Could it be the toll his body has taken playing on average every game of the season throughout his career, all while playing in 132 playoff games along the way? The 33-year-old sure seems to play with the energy of a 23-year-old, but maybe all these games are catching up to him as the new season begins with aspirations of making potentially one last run with his long-time line-mate, Patrice Bergeron.

It is with no doubt that Marchand will garner the “C” on his chest when Bergeron hangs up his skates, which makes this season a little extra unique considering Bergeron’s contract is finished at the end of this season while Marchand is still signed for another three years. So, is Marchand following in Bergeron’s footsteps in never being satisfied with his game? Does he feel that there is another level he can take his game to? Time will tell. But for now, Bruins fans must enjoy this season as it could be Bergeron’s last, and then this team, in all likely hood, becomes Marchand’s team.

No need to panic though, the season is still very young, and the team has had plenty of days between games, so if it is an injury situation Marchand may be dealing with, now is the time to take care of it. Not that I am saying he is injured; he certainly doesn’t appear to be playing like it; I think it’s just a matter of shaking off the cobb webs following a second-round exit in the playoffs.

The Bruins get ready for three games in four days, starting on Wednesday night in a tilt against the undefeated and NHL-leading Florida Panthers. Then the team will fly up to Carolina for a date with the Hurricanes on Thursday and come back home for another game against the Cats before having the following four days off. But, get ready for a busy November, as the Bruins will play 12 games, and then come Thanksgiving, the actual evaluation of this team can begin.