(Image Credit: Nathan Anderson / BNG Productions)

By: Nathan Anderson | Follow me on Twitter @nathandrsn

With Christmas just one day away, at the time of writing this, and quite frankly not much to watch in terms of hockey on television, I decided to break out my free photo editing software and design another Bruins jersey like I did earlier this year. If you do not remember those jerseys, I designed two jerseys that were meant to represent Boston. The first was a Revolutionary War-themed design, and the second was a jersey designed to represent the Irish heritage found in the city of Boston. Today is a bit less thought-out than those previous two, but I think it is equally as fun.

The first decision that had to be made was which color to use as the base of the jersey. In the past, it has been an easy decision. When designing the Revolutionary War jerseys, I simply substituted navy blue for the black that the Bruins typically wear. The two colors are already very similar, so it was an easy substitution. In the case of the Irish uniform, I knew I wanted to use a gold color more similar to Vegas gold rather than the athletic gold that the Bruins normally wear. Again, this made the choice easy because one of the colors was basically already decided for me.

This time around, I had to think more about the essence of the jersey. The Bruins normally wear black jerseys with athletic gold and white accents. I decided that going with a green base and red and white accents was the best way to go about replicating the normal style. Green to me was the closer of the two colors to the black base, and red is only a couple of alterations away from yellow.

The one aspect I knew I really wanted on this jersey was the Santa bear. As I said in the opening paragraph, I went about this design just trying to make something fun rather than something super thoughtful. Regardless of how the actual jersey looks or what your personal opinion is, the Pooh bear jersey has to be one of the most fun-looking jerseys in Bruins’ history. From the logo to the design on the hem and sleeves, the jersey is unique and different than anything else the Bruins have ever worn.

(Photo Credit: NBCsports.com)

I had my heart set on using the Pooh bear logo and putting a Santa hat on its head, whether it looked good or not. It actually turned out a lot better than I had thought it would, though! I feel as though it brings together the jersey and transforms it from being a New Jersey Devils knockoff to a Boston Bruins Christmas jersey. If there were a Christmas sweater made to look like these jerseys, I actually would buy it. Even if you think it is an ugly design, well, that is a Christmas tradition, is it not?

All jokes aside, I think it would be entertaining to see the Patrice Bergeron, David Pastrnak, and Charlie McAvoy rocking these jerseys for pregame warm-ups, and I think if they were to sell a sweatshirt or a sweater with the Santa Pooh bear logo on it, there probably would be plenty of people willing to spend some cash to get their hands on it. If you’d like to check out the full process of designing this jersey, here is a video showing the time-lapse!