(Photo Credit:: Carlos Avila Gonzalez)

By: Sam Minton | Follow me on Twitter @sam_minton22

The Boston Bruins appear to be in the race for Evander Kane. A scout for the organization was in attendance for Kane’s minor-league assignment down in the AHL.

At one point in time, this would seem like an intriguing move for the B’s. Fans likely would enjoy his hard-hitting style of play, and he is capable of finding the back of the net, something Boston would enjoy having.

But things have changed for both the Bruins and Kane. These two are the complete opposite of a match made in heaven.

Let’s start with Kane’s on the ice ability. The 30-year-old hasn’t made an NHL appearance due to issues we will get into later. In the 2020-21 season, he racked up 22 goals and 27 assists. The Bruins definitely could use that level of scoring, but those days are long gone for the forward. Also, with how long he has been out of the game, it’s hard to believe he will be able to regain any skill that he once had.

The Bruins are also long for the past. As the team is currently constructed, it’s hard to see them winning a Stanley Cup. If they made the playoffs, fans should be happy with that minor achievement.

At 30-years-old, Kane’s career is on the downswing, especially considering the physical nature of his game. Kane’s drop-off won’t be gradual; it will happen quite quickly. The Bruins don’t need to add another aging veteran whose contract will eat up cap space.

Boston needs to get younger and faster. They need to build a locker room that is committed to playing team hockey and one day being contenders for a Stanley Cup.

When you move off the ice, things get even worse for Kane. He does not mesh with the Bruins plans for the future and would ruin the locker room.

Kane has been accused of betting on NHL games, waving a gun at a woman, and he faked his vaccine card. He will prove to be more of a distraction than anything else. He could score 100 goals a season, and I think fans still shouldn’t want him on the team.

The Bruins front office needs to bolster the blue line or sure up the top six. They clearly have capable goaltenders who have shown that they can win games for the team. Jeremy Swayman will be in Boston for the long haul, so it makes sense to improve what is in front of them.

Adding Kane would be more of a depth move and likely impede some of the progress that guys like Oskar Steen, Trent Frederic, and Anton Blidh have made this season. The Bruins are at the point where they need to play with their kids and see what they got. If they won’t work in Boston, they need to use their young talent to acquire assets and draft picks. This is how a team builds for long-term success.

So the Bruins need to stay as far away from Evander Kane as humanely possible. He has a better chance of ruining the team than making it a Stanley Cup contender. Please just let him be someone else’s problem.