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The Boston Bruins have had some outstanding goalies in their time. Some were heroes of their decade; if you were to put them on the ice today, they probably wouldn’t be able to hold the same power. But there were others who were legends throughout time.

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Without further ado, let’s celebrate the top 5 goaltenders in Boston Bruins history!

Tiny Tompson

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Earlier, we spoke about older goalies who wouldn’t make the cut in today’s games, but Tiny Tompson isn’t one of those players.

This four-time Vezina Trophy winner and four-time NHL winner was a star from the very beginning. He won the Stanley cup in his rookie year and, of course, is a proud member of the Hall of Fame. 

In his years on the ice, Tompson was considered the best of the best, but now we can see that he was a legend. Throughout his 11 year career, Tompson created a 252-153-63 record along with many more.

His records with Burins are unmatched, and we doubt any will be able to break them!

Admittedly we are sad to say that Tompson didn’t spend his whole career with Bruin, as his last years were with Detroit, but every fan would recognize Tompson as a Boston man. And he was undoubtedly the best goalie they had ever seen!

Frank Brimsek

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Brimsek is another goalie with a mountain of awards to his name. This eight-time All-Star winner can also boast about being a two-time Vezina Trophy winner too. Not to mention winning the Stanley cup twice and entering into the Hall of Fame.

During the 1940s, Brimsek was a Boston hero, and at the tender age of 23, he finished his first season with a Calder trophy and a Vezina trophy too.

Ending his nine-year career with a record of 230-144-70, Brimsek was seen as a force of nature.

At the end of his career, like Tompson, Brimsek started to play for money and switched to the Chicago Blackhawks. The trade-only lasted one season, and Brimsek left the ice at the age of 32.

Tim Thomas

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Thomas is another well-decorated goaltender with two Vezina Trophies, two All-Star titles, and a Stanley Cup under his belt. All of this becomes even more impressive when you learn that Thomas’s ice hockey career was surprisingly short, sticking around for only eight years.

In his last year, Thomas earned the Conn Smythe award, too, to add to his impressive list of accomplishments. 

Ending his career with a 196-121-45 record, we hold our head up high for this recent legend. 

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same, as Tim Thomas refused to attend the White House in 2012. This political stance was seen as inappropriate to some and might have been why he didn’t make it to the Hockey Hall of fame.

However, this page isn’t about political ideologies, so we should ignore this awkward ending and celebrate Thomas’ amazing career.

Gerry Cheevers

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Gerry Cheevers, also known as Cheesy Cheevers, was the 1970s goalie king. He spent most of his career with the Boston Bruins, but unlike the rest on this list, he was known to switch teams from time to time.

Cheevers was known for playing with a goalie mask, which was almost unheard of at the time. It soon became his trademark appearance as he painted stitches and wound marks over the safety gear.

Finishing his career with a 2226-103-76 record and two Standley cups, we have to slow clap this legend.

Tuukka Rask

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We couldn’t end this list without talking about Rask. Rask has created more saves, completed more wins, and has the best percentages of any goalie in Bruin’s history.

If it came down to these numbers alone, Rask would have been number one. The reason why we didn’t include just the numbers is that the NHL has changed so much over the years that medals have become the only consistent judge. 

Looking at the awards Rask had achieved, he still fits righteously in this list. He has been named an All-Star, earned a Vezina Trophy, and two Stanley Cups to his name, and was ridiculously close to being a Conn Smythe winner too.


The Boston Bruins have had a star-studded history of amazing goalies. There were so many to choose from that narrowing down the list was nearly impossible!