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After watching Zdeno Chara exit via unrestricted free agency last October, the Boston Bruins could be in jeopardy of losing another captain next July. There are speculations that Patrice Bergeron may leave via the UFA market in five months.

The current captain Bergeron has led the team after Chara for two seasons. Patrice Bergeron has been vocal about his unwillingness to sign an extension until the conclusion of the 2021-22 season. Since he is not currently under contract, he could become an unrestricted free agent on July 13th, 2021.

Recently he said to NHL.com that he always had long-term deals and contact deals in his whole career. But this time, he wants to play for without signing an extension deal and wants to see how it feels. He wants to see where things place at the end of the season. “There’s a lot of questions that I’ve asked myself that need to be answered,” he said.

Everything falls with the statement he said before the commencement of the season. He said, “I am going to play out this year and then consider what to do with the contract.” “It is something that a lot of people have asked me this summer, and the way that I approach it this year is to just concentrate on this year. I have a year left on my contract, and I think it would be useless for me to think about the future. I want to create something special. We want to work toward winning a Stanley Cup. I know everybody says that, but that’s definitely our goal as a team. I think it’s better to be in that group of teams, and I think that’s where my focus is right now,” he said.

Nevertheless, Bergeron doesn’t appear to be considering leaving before his final season of a contract that carries a salary of $6.8 million for an eight-year contract. When asked if he’ll play for another team if the Bruins approach him with an offer after next season, Bergeron was quick to say “No.”

In an interview, the 36-year-old player said that there is a chance that he may not stay with the Bruins & that he will either retire or go to another team. He is the father of three kids, and it has become more and more apparent that he wants to spend more time with kids. With a focus on living in the moment, Bergeron plans to head to training camp this season with the goal of winning a Stanley Cup with the Bruins. Well, it will be like going against pros, but surely it will be exciting to watch.

Bergeron, a seasoned NHL veteran, was quoted as saying, “I know there’s less time for me in this league.” He plans to enjoy his time playing professionally with the Bruins while he can. He started playing for Boston Bruins in the 2003-04 season, and he knows his time will come to an end at some point, so he wants to enjoy that moment.

Thus, there can be a possibility of retirement. However, when asked about the same, he said, “this is a million-dollar question,” but he didn’t give a direct answer. He has been with the Bruins his whole career, and now, if he decides to test the free-agent market, many will be sure to find the right fit for him and his style of play.