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By: Joe Todd | Follow me on Twitter @heyjoetodd

After scoring the overtime winner in Seattle on February 24th, DeBrusk commented on his trade request for the first time since his trade request became public on November 29th. DeBrusk told the media that he would “plead the fifth” on all questions relating to his trade request and would not become a distraction to his team.

So much for that.

Speaking with DeBrusk’s agent Rick Valette, TSN, and The Athletic’s Pierre Lebrun confirmed that Jake DeBrusk’s trade request remains active and that “there has not been a change of heart.” Valette, who has received permission to speak with other teams, is willing to discuss an extension with those who are interested in acquiring DeBrusk because teams “are concerned about that $4.4 million qualifying offer to retain his rights this summer”. The hope for DeBrusk and his agent is that a cheaper contract will lead to more teams interested in acquiring the 25-year-old forward, giving him more term at an affordable cap hit.

When it comes to the Bruins’ Stanley Cup odds, what should we make of where the sportsbooks have placed them? Today, if you were to place your sportsbet online, you can find odds of around 20/1 (+2000) for the Bruins to win it all this season. That puts the Bruins around 10th-12th favorite overall (depending on the sportsbook). Does that feel like a fair assessment of the team’s chances? It’s difficult to say. But there is a sense that the bookmakers are sitting on the fence until they see more. 

Per The Athletic, DeBrusk’s current market value is $4.2 million. A slight decrease in his potential qualifying offer.

Speaking with the media earlier this year, Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney mentioned that “Jake knows that [if] he plays his best hockey and produces at the level he’s capable of, it probably helps him and equally helps us.” Jake DeBrusk has lived up to these comments during his recent five-game point streak, scoring seven goals and adding two assists, including his first career NHL hat-trick in last night’s game versus the Kings.

DeBrusk has looked re-energized since his promotion to the first line, getting a chance to play the right-wing alongside Bergeron and Marchand, a position he struggled with last year. The hotter he gets, the more the Bruins and DeBrusk, benefit from this inevitable trade.