(Photo by Ted Dully/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

By: Evan Michael | Follow me on Twitter @00EvanMichael

On this week in Bruins history, No. 4 “Soared” and the Black N’ Gold early 70s’s dynasty “Reigned.”

May the memories come back to you and be relived with plenty of puck parade pageantry (as pictured above)!

From the amazing story behind hockey’s most famous photo (and goal-scoring moment) as shared on Twitter above… to the incredible re-telling of the B’s 50-year anniversary about their inspired ’72 squad as recounted by Bobby Orr himself below, it’s been quite the week to celebrate Bruins history!

The celebrations began on the anniversary of “The Goal” — May 10th, 1970 — and continued right through the anniversary of “The Salute” that Orr made to his second championship team from May 11th, 1972.

Describing a week to remember like this can only be summed up in the words of Boston native and longtime broadcaster and football hall-of-famer Howie Long:

“When they won [those] championship(s), I don’t know what Nirvana looks like, but that’s it. The passion in that city… it was present. It was everywhere. Anybody who grew up in Boston or was from Boston knows the ’70s team(s).”

And even if you weren’t around for that Stanley Cup “Nirvana” back in the day, you most likely heard about it every day from your dad or grandfather, your older brother or boss, your weathered mailman or the ladies at the salon downtown.

Boston’s reputation as a beloved hockey town — the Hub of Hockey as it was later coined — was at its pinnacle during those peak years in mid-May.

And if I “may” be so bold, the B’s could add another day of the week to this impressive list of playoff accomplishments: today, May 12th.

That’s because just like in 2019, when they won game two of the ECF, today the Bruins can storm past the Hurricanes at home on TD Garden ice. And they’ll have to with their backs against the wall in a do-or-die elimination game.

Then again, these are the type of games that can make teams into contenders… even champions. Instead of reliving history, B’s fans can be a part of it!

Here’s hoping this week in Bruins history ends as historically as it began!