( Photo Credit: Derik Hamilton / AP Photo )

By: Melanie DaSilva | Follow me on Twitter: @meldasilva9

As the future of some players on the Boston Bruins remains unclear, one thing for certain is that David Krejci is keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Boston’s former second-line center left the Bruins before the 2021-22 NHL season to return home to the Czech Republic. However, Krejci never said he was retiring and he never filed retirement papers with the league. This means a return to the team he played on for 15 years was always a possibility in fans’ minds.

Last week, Krejci and David Pastrnak earned the bronze medal for Team Czechia at the IIHF World Championship in Finland. Both of them were in Prague when Pastrnak posted a video to his story on Instagram asking Krejci if he was going to come back and play for the Bruins next year.

Krejci’s answer? He just looked at the camera with a significant smile and refused to say yes or no.

Boston fans got a little more curious after HC Olomouc — the team he went to play for in 2021-22 — posted a picture of Krejci on a plane flying back to the United States with a medal around his neck and a beer to his lips.

“I’m flying to the USA, I’ll have another beer on the way to celebrate the Bronze and then I’ll be calmly thinking what to do next,” Krejci said (via a rough Google translation). “There is plenty of time and a lot of possibilities, one of which is very real and the continuation of the Olomouc jersey.”

While speculations begin, Krejci’s return to the United States could mean he is going to spend his summer at his offseason home in South Carolina. The 36-year-old and his family sold their Charlestown, Mass., home when they moved back to the Czech Republic last year.

With Krejci back in the United States, communication with Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney is much easier. He would undoubtedly fill the second-line center void Boston was missing all season.

“I certainly kept in touch with David and his camp throughout the year,” Sweeney admitted last month. “He had hard decisions to make in terms of the promise he had made to his family. Just ultimately decided to stay and see it through. I’m sure at some point in time, if he decides he wants to return, then hopefully I get a call, and we can have a conversation.”

In his 962 games with Boston, Krejci notched 730 points (215 goals, 515 assists), and was part of the 2011 Stanley Cup championship.

“It has to line up for a number of reasons,” Sweeney said of a Krejci reunion. “Still looks like he values playing the game and being highly competitive and was highly productive. Seamlessly would probably fall back into knowing what our team is like and what we’re trying to accomplish, but it’s hypothetical for me at this point. I’ll cross that bridge when it’s presented.”

While Boston fans await the decision of Patrice Bergeron, they are also going to be watching any Krejci-related news to see what he decides to do with his future.