(Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

By: Evan Michael | Follow me on Twitter @00EvanMichael

When the sun sets on the first month of 2023 for the Boston Bruins, hopefully the Bergerons, Marchands, Pastrnaks and more of the team will be making their way back to Sunrise.

That’s right, the B’s will spend their final weekend of January in Florida then hope some of their top players will be returning the next weekend — February 4th & 5th — for the 2023 NHL All-Star Game at Florida Live Arena, home of the Panthers.

South Florida could also be a restful stop for the Black N’ Gold’s “bye week” which will begin February 6th and last through February 10th of next year.

So, once all the all-star festivities and vacation days are marked on your Bruins calendar, here are some other notable games to highlight for what could be a “Feel-Good February” for Boston!


There’s just something about a Saturday matinee in Boston that screams “perfection.” And with the perfection line most likely reunited in some way, shape or form come this time of the year, then lucky February 11th is a must-mark date on the schedule when the Capitals roll into TD Garden.

First off, there’s the can-Ovechkin-catch-Gretzky goal scoring watch party factor. Not that anyone is rooting for a Washington whooping here, but the entertainment and engagement of a back-and-forth B’s/Caps classic with high-firing production would be… perfect.


On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, the B’s will be in Dallas facing off against the Stars. While I don’t think of the Big D as a place for star-crossed lovers, what’s not to love about this match-up: two perennial playoff teams who both made it to the Cup Finals in recent years battling for divisional relevancy at a competitive if not crucial time of year!

Add to that Jim Montgomery’s Texas reunion — he coached the Stars from 2018-2020 — and you’ve got all the trimmings for a BBQ-sized serving of must-see TV. So mark it down (and order some ribs)!


One of the most consistent stretches of the B’s calendar to mark down annually is coming up in late February. To close out the month, the Bruins fly out first to the Pacific Northwest for a fun opening road trip salvo against Seattle on February 23rd.

After hopefully cracking the Kraken, it’s then time for the player-favorite “Canadian Kick” through British Columbia and Alberta — a Behind-the-B staple. From February 25th – 28th, Boston plays the Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames in that order.

This is the road trip that can make-or-break a team’s momentum heading into the Spring and ultimately hockey’s heralded second season. The B’s have been notorious for using these games as a rallying moment, a team bonding experience, a Black-N-Gold “bro fest” that gels the guys on all fronts — personal & professional. Just ask David Krejci and Capt. Bergeron.

If the past five, seven, even ten years are any indicator, then this trip through Western Canada will be a MUST mark down on the calendar because of all it means to the team… and to the fans.

That’s a definitely “feel good” way to end February and march into March!