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The Boston Bruins have been breaking records left and right this season. With so much history in this one season, we need a refresher of all that has happened before the playoffs. In order to remind ourselves of this past year, let’s take a look at 65 key takeaways from this 65-win year. 

  1. Jeremy Swayman deserves a contract extension after this season.
    • Due to cap space, that might not be possible.
    • Swayman deserves a contract of $1 million or more. We will have to wait and see what the Bruins will offer him.  
  2. Don Sweeney has the ability to make good decisions once and a while, and we should trust him more.
    • While his moves are questionable at times, he ultimately made some incredible decisions throughout this season that helped the Bruins add depth to their team. 
  3. Bruce Cassidy was the issue.
    • Despite everything seeming fine when he was coach. After he left, many players stated how Cassidy didn’t connect with the younger players.
    • As the regular season concludes, we can safely say that the statement was true, and he was a problem. 
  4. Swayman had four shutouts this season. 
  5.  The Bruins had five overtime losses in the 2022-2023 season. 
  1. The Bruins have a new “perfection line,” with Bergeron, Marchand, and DeBrusk. 
  2. Having third-line depth matters
    • With all four lines of the Bruins roster being loaded with talent, it shows how important depth scoring is for winning (Just ask the Penguins).
  3. We get to see eight more years of David Pastrnak.
  4. Mid-season addition, Dmitry Orlov scored three goals and seven assists in his first seven games with the Bruins. 
  5. AJ Greer is only useful for fighting and receiving penalties.
    • Every team needs a guy to warm the penalty box. It’s not a bad thing. Just who he is. 
  1. Trent Frederic has officially had his breakout season and will be a key part of the Bruins’ second and third line in the future. 
  2. Craig Smith struggled throughout the season and was traded to the Capitals in a loaded exchange. 
  3. Charlie Coyle can succeed on any line and ended up rebounding his play in the second half of the season. 
  4. 14-0-0 record at home to start the season.
  5. 15 Career hat tricks in Pastrnak’s career.
  1. January 16, 2023, was David Krejci’s 1,000th NHL Game.
  2. Nick Foligno still has tons of speed and has never looked better, despite his age.  
  3. Pavel Zacha’s extension was one of the best decisions made this season.
    • Zacha is currently fourth in points on the Bruins. 
    • The 26-year-old is fast and has a lot of potential to be a leader on this team. 
  4. The Bruins are 21-4-0 since Orlov and Hathaway made their NHL debut.
  5. Zacha had his first 20-Goal season. 
  1. November 21, 2022, was the game where Bergeron recorded his 1,000th point in the NHL.
  2. Protecting your home ice is crucial for regular-season success. 
  3. The Bruins traded Jack Studnicka to the Canucks during a game against the Blue Jackets. 
  4.  Mason Lohrei scored his first goal in the AHL and will most likely come up to the Bruins throughout the next season. 
  5. The Bruins had 25 Wins before January 1. 
  1. Charlie McAvoy has found a new talent in blocking shots as he leads the Bruins with 131. 
  2. Hampus Lindholm is the future of our defense. 
  3. Derek Forbort has the most shorthanded goals for a Bruins defender this season with two.  
  4. Jim Montgomery became the 29th coach of the Bruins. 
  5. Jakub Lauko could be a full-time roster member next season. 
  1.  The Bruins beat all 31 other teams in the NHL. 
  2. If Linus Ullmark continues playing like he has this season, he will be the best goalie in Bruins’ history. 
  3. The Bruins became the fastest team in NHL history to reach 100 points. 
  4. If Swayman leaves next season, the Bruins have a strong backup goalie in Brandon Bussi. 
  5. Ullmark led the league with a save percentage of .938. 
  6. No matter the outcome of the season, the Bruins have exceeded all expectations for the 2022-2023 season.
    • Going into the season with multiple injured stars, nobody expected the Bruins to win as many games as they have.
  1. If this is Patrice Bergeron’s last season, it was the best way to wrap up his 20 years with the Bruins. 
  2. You don’t need draft picks to succeed. 
  3. Ullmark and Swayman have been great because of our defense.
    • Yes, both Ullmark and Swayman have had incredible seasons; however, part of their success is owed to the defense. 
  4. Fabian Lysell will fit in well on the third or fourth line next season.
  5. The Bruins can still win without their starters.
  1. Dmitry Orlov deserves a spot on the Bruins’ defensive roster next season, even if that means parting ways with Matt Grzelck or Brandon Carlo. 
  2. Taylor Hall is a more complete player this season and works well with Coyle. 
  3. Despite a huge contract, Charlie McAvoy is not the lead defender anymore. 
  4. In the 45th win of the season, Ullmark scored the only goalie goal in Bruins’ history. 
  5. David Krejci looks faster than he did in 2020, despite being 2 years older. 
  6. You most definitely don’t want to face Connor Clifton in a fight… or any of the Bruins’ for that matter. 
  1. Matt Grzelcyk had one of his best seasons; however, he makes stupid mistakes that cost us goals. 
  2. Brad Marchand went an entire regular season without being suspended!
    • It’s the little things sometimes. Good Job, Brad. 
  3. The Bruins were the first team in the NHL this season to hit 50 wins. 
  4. The Bruins had the best penalty kill in the league for the majority of the season.
    • Their penalty kill percentage currently sits at 87.1% 
  5. The Bruins had the least amount of goals allowed, with 170. 
  6. Jim Montgomery had his best season as an NHL coach at 53 years old. 
  1. Pastrnak led the league in giveaways with 109. 
  2. The Bruins’ 55th win of the season was against their rivals, the Montreal Canadiens, and it was feisty as always. 
  3. While Garnet Hathaway has looked great on the Bruins, he will most likely not receive a contract extension either, due to cap space. 
  4. The Bruins won their 57th game of the year vs. the Hurricanes.
    • This was the first time winning on the road vs. the Hurricanes in four years. 
  5.  The fourth annual Pucks and Paddles event was held on March 7. 
  1. Tyler Bertuzzi was a great addition to the team this season but will most likely not return next season due to cap space. 
  2. The Bruins are one of four teams in NHL history with at least 60 wins. 
  3. Signing Jake DeBrusk to a two-year contract extension instead of trading him was and will be crucial to the Bruins’ success. 
  4. The Bruins tied the record for most wins in an NHL season with 62 wins.
    • The Bruins ended up breaking the record with 64.
  5. Pavel Zacha earned the seventh-player award for the 2022-2023 season. 
  6. The Bruins will face the Panthers in the first round of the 2023 playoffs. 
  7. 65 Goalie Hugs for an incredible season.