(Photo Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)

By: Zach Beauchaine | Follow me on Twitter @OtisTheMango

On Easter Sunday, the Boston Bruins took on the Philadelphia Flyers in game 80 of 82 of the regular season. The Bruins earned win number 63 on the 2022-23 season as they defeated the Flyers by a final score of 5-3. Another historic win for Boston as the victory served to break the record for most wins in a single NHL season.Ā 

Star forward David Pastrnak netted a hat trick in the game to help the Bruins earn victory number 63. Three goals in the game for Pastrnak would bring him to an outstanding 60 goals for the year. Pastrnak has been among the most dynamic goal scorers in the National Hockey League. The forward has served as one of the Boston Bruins biggest weapons this year.Ā 

Pastrnak is only the second Boston player to reach the 60-goal mark in a single season; he joins the company of legendary Bruin Phil Esposito. David Pastrnak is an incredibly gifted talent that only comes around once in a while. As a Bruin, he has been a quintessential member of the team’s success over the last several years, especially this year. The star forward finds the back of the net like very few can. When the puck leaves his stick, more often than not, it is crossing the goal line.Ā 

The Czech native notching 60 goals is important as Boston gears up for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It is a milestone that also happened to be professional goal number 300 in Pastrnak’s career, a double milestone. Pasta is showing us exactly why he earned a shiny new contract last month.Ā 

Beginning next season, Pastrnak will make $11.25 million per year for the next eight seasons. It can only be imagined that more of these incredible goal-scoring seasons are yet to come, but for Pastrnak this year, he has been a driving force of the Boston hockey club. Only two games remain in the regular season for the B’s, but Pastrnak will continue to carry the torch in the upcoming playoffs. His presence on the ice characterizes that as elite nature.Ā 

Pastrnak scores timely goals. The forward is extremely strong in the clutch game. He always finds a way for greatness, a way for scoring. The value of David Pastrnak to the Bruins organization cannot be understated.Ā 

He is a superstar, and his skill set will help Boston drive it home. 60-goal seasons are what hockey fans understand to be generational talents, the best of the best in hockey. That’s what Pastrnak brings to the table, truly.Ā 

The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin in exactly one week, on Monday, April 17th. Boston will be at the center of this year’s playoffs race, and although their first-round opponent is not yet determined, both the Bruins and Pastrnak are ready to take on the gauntlet that awaits them starting next week. The playoffs will be a new challenge for the B’s, but we can expect more David Pastrnak magic coming our way.