A Closer Look At the Boston Bruins Prospects in the NCAA

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By: Joey Partridge | Follow Me On Twitter @joey_partridge

The NCAA Division 1 season is officially underway with Wisconsin University’s victory over Notre Dame on Friday night. What does this mean for the Boston Bruins? The Bruins have a handful of prospects getting ready to take the ice for their seasons in the next stage of their development. Let’s take a look at the Universities that some

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Bruins Are In An Interesting Position At The 2020 NHL Draft

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By: Mike Cratty  |  Follow Me On Twitter @Mike_Cratty

Don Sweeney and the Bruins brass find themselves in unfamiliar territory heading into the 2020 NHL Entry Draft on Oct. 6-7. Their picks go as follow:

Second round: 58th overall

Third round: 89th overall

Fifth round: 151st overall

Sixth round: 182nd overall

Seventh round: 213th overall

One may wonder if Sweeney will try to accrue some

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Bruins’ NCAA Prospects

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By James Slater | Follow Me On Twitter @WhatsJamesBruin

With the 30th pick in the 2019 NHL entry draft the Boston Bruins selected forward John Beecher from the USDP (United Stated Development Program). Beecher, a University of Michigan commit at the time, is just one of many prospects the Bruins selected recently who decided to take their hockey careers through the NCAA.

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