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A Closer Look At the Boston Bruins Prospects in the NCAA

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By: Joey Partridge | Follow Me On Twitter @joey_partridge

The NCAA Division 1 season is officially underway with Wisconsin University’s victory over Notre Dame on Friday night. What does this mean for the Boston Bruins? The Bruins have a handful of prospects getting ready to take the ice for their seasons in the next stage of their development. Let’s take a look at the Universities that some of these prospects call home.

University of Michigan

When talking about Bruins prospects in the NCAA, you can’t overlook Michigan. You can argue that the best college prospect is John Beecher, and he is entering his sophomore season for the Wolverines. Beecher put up a respectable 16 points in 31 games in his freshman season at Michigan. The Bruins’ 2019 first-round draft pick looks to improve his game in his sophomore season. Beecher also looks like a great candidate to make the United States World Junior Team again. The Bruins will be keeping a close eye on Beecher as he is an important part of the Bruins center plans in the future.

Jack Becker was the Bruins’ seventh-round draft pick in 2015. He is entering his senior season at Michigan University and has been named a team captain. He is coming off a 12-point junior season. After this season, the Bruins will have to make a decision whether to sign him to an entry level contract or let him become a free agent. The forward looks to lead Michigan to a hopeful successful season in the B1G 10.

Yale University

A very underrated Bruins’ prospect in the system attends Yale University. He was drafted in 2018 fourth-round. He put up a very respectable 27 points in 28 games in his sophomore season in New Haven, Connecticut. He was a depth player on the World Junior team last year with Bruins’ prospect John Beecher. He has aged out of that tournament, so he won’t be able to play. Hall looks to take his game to the next level as he enters his junior season. However, there is one hiccup. The Ivy League has cancelled their season so it is unsure where Hall will play his hockey this coming season. Wherever he ends up, he will bring his speed and grittiness to the table.

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University of Minnesota-Duluth

Boston Bruins’ 2019 third-round draft pick Quinn Olson is entering his sophomore season for the Bulldogs. As a freshman, he put up 15 points in 31 games. The talented winger looks to add some more offensive production to help lead the Bulldogs to another national title. It is not believed for Olson to make the Canadian World Junior Team this coming Holiday season.

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Boston College

When talking college hockey, Boston College always seems to be in the mix as they always have a very solid team. Bruins’ 2020 third-round draft pick Trevor Kuntar looks to step in as a freshman and help the Eagles to a successful season. With a big frame and a cannon of a shot, Bruins’ fans hope to see a lot of red lights coming from this kid.

Clarkson University

Lastly, we have the Bruins’ 2018 sixth-round draft pick. Dustyn McFaul is entering his sophomore season after putting up seven points in his freshman season. An important stat to look at for defensemen is +/- and McFaul was a +7 his freshman season. McFaul looks to keep hold of the blue line for the Golden Knights.

(Photo Credit: Clarkson Athletics)

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  1. BruinsFan4Life

    Curtis Hall looks like a keeper at 6’3″ he will at least be a talented 3rd line scoring center. I see him if all goes well a 2nd line center. Boston should sign him and have him play in Providence this season since the Ivy league canceled the hockey season.
    Becker if I were the Bruins I would hold onto, another 6’3″ center could possibly be a 4th line center that would score a few goals. Now both have speed, not like Beechers though. With his speed, grit and aggressive play he should be at least a solid number 1 or number 2 center in a few years if he keeps working hard.
    I’m hoping he continues to score more goals as he adjusts to college hockey.

    Olson is the LW prospect that hopefully turns into a goalscorer, he’s only 5’11” who might be 185/190 by the time he is ready to play in the NHL. He will need to show the Bruins he has what it takes to play in both ends and continue to score. Let’s see what happens this year with his goal totals and points.

    Kuntar is a 6′ kid that’s thick, almost 200 lbs with a big shot. I’m curious to see how he plays at Boston College as a Freshman and if he can score goals. If he plays on the 4th line all year or if he moves up the lineup? I believe in the 3 big centers and have faith in the other 2 forwards.

    McFaul is a 6’2″ 185lb defenseman. I think he will eventually will play for the Bruins. I’d like to see him at 210 by the time he plays in the NHL, so he doesn’t get pushed around. I like this kid and believe in him.

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