Boston Bruins Announcers: Jack And Brick

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By: Amy Tolman | Follow Me On Twitter @AMY7594

Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley (aka Brick), since the 2007-2008 NHL Hockey Season, have been the play-by-play Boston Bruins commentary Duo for New England Sports Network (NESN). Both are New Hampshire natives and were affiliated with the University of New Hampshire (UNH).

Jack Edwards

These two are very passionate about the Bruins;

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NESN Hires Sophia Jurksztowicz As Next Bruins Rinkside Reporter


(Photo Credit: Instagram: sophiajurksztowicz)

By Mike Cratty | Follow me on Twitter @Mike_Cratty
After the news came out that Alex Kraemer would not be returning as the Bruins rinkside reporter, there was a void to be filled. Earlier Tuesday morning, NESN named Sophia Jurksztowicz the Bruins rinkside reporter.

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