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Boston Bruins Announcers: Jack And Brick

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By: Amy Tolman | Follow Me On Twitter @AMY7594

Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley (aka Brick), since the 2007-2008 NHL Hockey Season, have been the play-by-play Boston Bruins commentary Duo for New England Sports Network (NESN). Both are New Hampshire natives and were affiliated with the University of New Hampshire (UNH).

Jack Edwards

These two are very passionate about the Bruins; Jack has been known for getting overly emotional during a game. Here is definite proof that Jack is truly an emotional person. This video is eight minutes long, but in my opinion, it gets you pumped up to see live hockey again. There are even clips from Jack himself explaining that moment of the clips.

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Jack has gotten himself in trouble on social media from the comments he makes during games about certain players. For instance, in 2013, in a game between Boston and Pittsburgh, Jack compares Matt Cooke to Sirhan Sirhan, the man who shot and killed Robert Kennedy. Cooke had ended the career of the Marc Savard with a hard hit several years earlier. Jack later apologizes for his comment, but he doesn’t take back many for his words. I think that most of the time, he is saying how most Bruin fans think and feel.

However, some of Jack’s sayings are remembered and repeated, like “How’s your entertainment factor?” And of course, “High above the ice with Sophia Jurksztowicz at ice level, alongside Andy Brickley, I’m Jack Edwards.” But with all that in mind, this clip has got to be one of my favorites calls of a fight from Jack.

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Milan Lucic was my favorite Bruins player at that time, and the way Jack describes the fight is just classic! I know that Jack has said other things that were better, but it’s one of my favorites. I also like when he says that one of the players has taken a tour of the attacking end. Meaning that the player has gone around the outside of the end with the puck before he passes.

Andy Brickly aka Brick

Brick is also passionate but in a different way. He is a former Bruins player and has also played with several other teams. He’s got the technical aspect of the game, but I have heard him “strongly” disagree with a ref call. Despite looking, I couldn’t find a YouTube video of that, but I can demonstrate the technical side that Brick brings to the table when commentating.

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Brick also does a lot for the Boston community. Every year he holds a rink contest. Fans can make a rink in their backyards and send a video into NESN in which Brick will pick the winner and then go to that fan’s house and play hockey with them. And sometimes Bruins fans are blessed with him being a guest commentator during a game that is being aired on NBC.

Unfortunately, at this time of the article, neither one has Tweeted anything since November 2020, but the fact remains that these two are the best commentators when it comes to the Boston Bruins. Hopefully, they stay with NESN and continue to bring us the “Entertainment Factor” that every Bruins fan loves to hear.


  1. J Steeve

    Watching the Bruins – Capitals game March 5th. My god, i’ve never heard such homer, awful sports announcers in my life. They have no clue about the game and are soooo home biased it was hard to keep from laughing. Start by giving them a rule book and make them write an exam on it.


      Could not agree more. Jack is a tv studio guy who reads scripts or can announce Little League BB. His mind works so slowly and his speech pattern crawls. He is terribly behind the action by large chunks of time. A total distraction. And of course he has poor objectivity which ruins whatever credibility he may try to establish. I turn him off and listen to music to go with the hockey game…and it’s not Aerosmith or Boston.

    • Vincent Ciano

      I agree 100% plus his dull monotone voice could put you to sleep. At least the second announcer has some life.

  2. Nairb Dookrik

    I think You guys are the best announcers / analysts in the NHL! I have to contend with a guy named Jack Michaels who never shuts up through the entire game. Not only That, Jack has a loud and higher pitched voice that grates on the nerves! A large part of the Oiler games I watch are with volume off!

  3. Glenn

    I’m watching the Bruins and Lightning tonight and I have to say that Jack Edwards is the worst play-by-play announcer I’ve ever heard👎 There’s no way in hell he’d ever do NHL games in Boston during Bobby Orr’s days. No frickin way.👎👎👎

    • Randy

      Jack Edwards is the worst play by play announcer in I have ever heard. Should be replaced with someone that knows how to call a hockey game.

  4. R Winslow’s

    Jack Edwards is the worst announcer in all pro hockey. I do not understand how he keeps his job. He thinks he is funny but he is the joke

  5. Darren Chouinard

    Any chance we can get these guys to shut up so the viewers can see the “goalies hug”? They seem to always have something irrelevant to say and we don’t always get to see it. One thing nice in the world, teamship, and we get to listen to 2 bumbling idiots and not see something nice for a change!!!!!

  6. Darren Chouinard

    It’s gotten so I won’t watch sports with the volume on. What these guys get paid for their opinions is ridiculous. Most of the time, the either got the call wrong or the wrong player. You know the saying,
    “Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one!” Unfortunately, in our case we have like 6.

  7. Sean Goodyear

    I have been a Bruins fan since the 1950’s and in all that time I have never witnessed an announcer as bad as Jack Edwards. He is unable to properly do a play by play
    , it is like he does not understand the game and the terminology he uses is not terminology associated with the game. Most games that he is announcing I watch without the sound on because he is so boring and pedestrian.
    With a good play by play announcer, you should be able to turn off the picture, listen to the announcer, and know exactly what is happening with the game (Foster Hewitt, Danny Gallivan, Bob Coles). If you were to try this with Jack Edwards, not only would you not have any idea as to what was happening on the ice, you would have a hard time trying to identify the type of game being played.
    Is your budget so tight that you cannot afford to hire someone who either has played the game at an elite level or at least understands the game? Get rid of him and give the Bruins a proper announcer, one that will do justice to the class act team that they are.
    Right now the announcer you have is an insult to on one of the best hockey teams ever. Look forward to games played against Canadian teams…great announcers.

  8. Marc Drolet

    Jack Edwards is a terrible announcer. The only person that can take the excitement out of a hickey game. He might be ok for a baseball game.What does he have over the Bruins or NESN to keep him there. Evevthough hockey is my preferred sport I will tune into the Celtics if they are playing at the same otherwise I will listen to the other teams broadcast.

  9. Marc Drolet

    Jack Edwards is a terrible announcer. The only person that can take the excitement out of a hockey game. He might be ok for a baseball game. What does he have over the Bruins or NESN to keep him there. Evevthough hockey is my preferred sport I will tune into the Celtics if they are playing at the same otherwise I will listen to the other teams broadcast.



  11. Erin

    I think Jack and Brick are awesome! As the wife of a die hard Bruins fan, these 2 make having to watch the game enjoyable for me! 😀

  12. Tom Fitzpatrick

    Does Jack Edwards have a drinking problem. He really struggling to talk and pronounce names.

  13. Darren Chouinard

    ………….good thing it’s simulcast ESPN. These clowns “commentaries” haven’t got one right.
    Switching to ESPN. BUBYE!!!!

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