By: Mark Allred         Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

Hello and thanks for your interest in joining our team as we look to expand our crew to increase the news and opinions of everything Boston Bruins related. As mentioned above, my name is Mark Allred, and I’m the Editor In Chief and Founder of Black N’ Gold Productions, and we are seeking passionate Bruins fans with some writing experience especially with the popular media program WordPress.

The service we provide to our readers is news and opinions from a fans point of view in a non-negative manner. Now I’m not saying you can’t write about something that frustrates you about this team but please do it in a way that’s not bashing the franchise as we seek to get future credentials and a media relationship with our beloved National Hockey League organization.

As a website member, we’d like to leave article topics up to the individual writers and what’s on their minds. Articles that we’d like to see from team members is anything Bruins related such as breaking news, Bruins history, and game recaps. We also like to cover the developmental levels of the organization with news from the prospects with the Providence Bruins of the American Hockey League and with the East Coast Hockey League Atlanta Gladiators. We’ve also been well known for our coverage of the Bruins prospects in the Canadian Junior League’s and throughout the NCAA collegiate levels of development.

When it comes to the number of posts required, I’d like to see at least one per week as we strive to provide content on a daily basis but the number of posts is up to you and how committed you are and time availability.  Publishing one to two articles a month will keep you in good standing with the website as an active member of the team.

We offer compensation to team players that post more often than others with advertising generated funds. The more you post you’ll be considered for higher shares when available funds are ready for distribution. Being a team player is not only based on how frequent you publish articles, but it’s also heavily considered on the aggressive approach you take when it comes to paid advertising. We have affiliated advertising partners with and the sports mega website and the more commission we get from telling friends and family about using our websites affiliated banners before shopping on these two fantastic shopping outlets will create more revenue at no extra charge to the shoppers and will increase the funds for team player distribution.

Not only do we ask “team players” to post often and drive attention to potential shoppers to our website but we also ask that you not only share your content on the various social media outlets that you currently use but also share the content of other team members as we look to increase reader traffic. We do ask that you please have a Twitter account and if you don’t have one please consider registering for one as Twitter is a fantastic tool for posting and gathering important information from the members of hockey media deep in the trenches and close to team events on a daily basis.

If this is something that you’d be interested in doing, we’d love to hear what you could offer our team as we look to expand operations in the attempt to be a better-known website for everything Boston Bruins from a fans perspective.

All interested applicants should send previous experience and writing samples to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible after we’ve reviewed all things provided. Again we thank you for your interest and hope to see you as a valued member of the Black N’ Gold Productions writers team in the near future.