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As of right now, the Bruins may have some of the best goalie masks in the league. As for pads, there is still room to improve. Here are the current Boston/Providence Bruins goalies setups.


Tuukka Rask

Tuukka Rask hasn’t had too flashy of a setup in his career, but he always has a classy look about him. He uses mainly white pads with streaks of colour on most of his equipment. His helmet is his most unique part of the set. The mask depicts a large bear on the front, digging into the spoked “B” on the sides with its claws. His last name (Rask) can be seen on the bottom portion written in what seems to be a graffiti font. A very nice setup by NHL starting goalie standards.

Anton Khudobin


Anton Khudobin hasn’t debuted his new mask yet, but the artists of it have posted pictures of it on their Instagram feed. It features an incredible water activated image along with all the designs. I’m not sure how much he’ll be dousing himself with water during a game to show those hidden designs, but it’s still pretty cool to see. His pads are pretty simple, and look a lot like Rask’s. They also share the same brand, Vaughn, which may benefit the close look.


Zane McIntyre

Zane McIntyre has a great mask, and equally as great pads. The mask features TD Garden on one side and former Bruins goalie Frank Brimsek on the other. And in a special tribute to his late grandmother, an image of her on the back holding a Diet Coke and wearing the spoked “B” Bruins jersey. His pads have a design that hasn’t really been seen in the NHL, with a transition from black to yellow which is very cool.

Malcolm Subban


Subban has a flashy setup. The multiple sets of pads are something we don’t see too often because goalies usually don’t like to switch equipment too frequently once they break the items in. My favorite set of his pads has to be the black ones. They are just so solid. His mask features a Grim Reaper on the front forehead area, and on the back, Psalm 23:4.The sides show the Bruins alternate logo, the full bear.


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