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By: Evan Michael | Follow me on Twitter @Evan007onTV

We all know the Boston Bruins are an “Original Six” franchise of the NHL.  But the team may truly be one-of-a-kind when it comes to media mass hysteria — and I’m not talking about the kind where dogs and cats are living together ala Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters.

I’m referring to the stop-what-you’re-doing-and-pay-attention-to-what-I’m-making-up-on-the-spot kind of rhetoric that engulfs Bruins fans more so than most others.  Whether it’s roster related, a contract conundrum, a management move or just spurious speculation, the social media subject line of the B’s buzzes more than the ones that bumble. And that’s why if you’re not careful — or get caught up too quickly in all the hype — you’ll be left a bumbling mess before the season even starts.

So, here’s something to help you wade through all the recent hubbub in the Hub of Hockey (and you know the fervor is legit because Bruins Nation is focused more on the puck than Putin or Panarin these days, which is scarier than a Hannu Toivonen highlight reel as seen below).


Gotcha. It doesn’t exist.  But what does? These three simple reminders for you to actually keep in mind as you scroll through the interwebs catching up on all things Black ‘N Gold.

1. Hot Takes… Can Be Cold As Ice

You don’t need to be a fan of Foreigner to appreciate the above reference. But you do need to be “willing to sacrifice your love” of believing all-things Bruins whenever they pop-up in your feed.  Just take a look at some recent “Trade Tuukka” Twitter talk (and to quote a certain POTUS, if memory serves me, there are good people on both sides of this debate):

The takeaway from the above tweets: keep yourself entertained like @BlackAndGold277 suggests and remember the phrase about that whole “grain of salt” because, without it, your recipe for offseason success–and sanity–won’t taste good.

2. Don’t Press The Issue

When most of us were growing up and following our favorite teams (and yes even some of you millennials will know what I mean by this), we opined for the opinion & sports pages when it came to the most up-to-date info. And in Beantown, the best of those newspapers (yes, that’s what they were called) usually came with the Sunday Sports Section. Wait until the end of the weekend to finally get caught up on all-things Bruins? That’s how it once was if you can believe it.

Now, it’s a veritable free-for-all from where — and who — you can get your hockey and B’s fix.  Forget weekly updates, forget even daily updates… you can get up-to-the-minute facts, figures, faces and more all thanks to the internet, social media and the plethora of TV/streaming/web channels only catering to your fandom. AND in some cases, you don’t even need a subscription for these readily accessible and timely sources.

Which brings me to my point — don’t feel the need to ONLY stick to one source. Make the most of all the talented and dedicated Bruins writers, bloggers, media & press who are putting themselves out there for the benefit of the fans & team. Sure, you’re going to watch, listen to, and read from “personalities” you don’t like or agree with, but that will benefit the overall conversation surrounding the team. If you’re too into just one person, one source, one account or one site, then you’re doing yourself a disservice to the big B’s picture.

Case-in-point, the recent cross-promotional partnership between Prime Time Sports Talk and Black N’ Gold Hockey, the sharing of guests on the Full Press Coverage podcast and, as seen below, the recent Beers N’ Bruins podcast.

3. Ask The Write Question

If you’re the type of person/fan who can’t help but comment on the Bruins power play as it happens, almost as if you’re in the NESN booth with Jack & Andy themselves, then I’ve got an idea for you…

If you’re the type of person/fan who constantly updates your feed or checks the B’s status or logs into email hoping for news (any news) on the team, then perhaps you should pay attention…

And if you’re the type of person/fan who always wants to share what you think about all things Black N’ Gold–from trades to stats to playoff positioning and more–then here’s a suggestion…


That’s right, WRITE! Don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard. Take a shot at sharing what you think about the Bruins. Who knows, you may be able to offer insight and a unique perspective that no one else has yet. You may be able to offer a sense of humor or history that hasn’t been explored yet. You may be able to make others think about their top team in a way they never have yet. But you can’t take advantage of the man–or woman–advantage unless you go on it. And it looks like the opportunity could be now:

As someone once said, the pen is mightier than the sword. Orr, in our case, the stick!

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    it’s roster related, a contract conundrum, a management move or just spurious speculation, the social media subject line of the B’s buzzes more than the ones that bumble.

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