(Photo Credits: Evan Michael)

By: Evan Michael | Follow me on Twitter @Evan007onTV

In honor of today’s date on the calendar being the actual calendar date in your phone or computer’s “emoji” list (you know, those goofy little faces, figures & icons that have taken the place of meaningful words, phrases and communication tools), I present to you one of the most iconic and memorable plays in all of hockey history, let alone Boston Bruins history, and perhaps even broadcasting history:


Can you guess which historic moment this is? Do you need a few hints? Ok, here are a few more in, you guessed it, emoji form:

The 🗣who 🎙 the game on 📻&📺worked for the 🎶’s!

Any luck yet? How about if I told you that it produced one of the single-most recognizable images in all of sports — one that hangs proudly in Boston dens, offices, living rooms, man caves, bars and even the Hockey Hall of Fame!  Would this help:

The 🖼was memorably 📸’d while 🚣‍♂️was in mid-💨‼

Without further ado, on #WorldEmojiDay, here is the legendary clip called by the great Dan Kelly, which will forever be remembered by Bruins fans, hockey fans, and all fans of sporting entertainment, long after the “emoji” days have passed.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHNWHgpcd78]

After (H)all, some ICONS will stand the test of time more than others😉.


(Photo Credit: Evan Michael, Bobby Orr & Ray Lussier)