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By: Liz Rizzo | Follow me on Twitter @pastagrl88

I know, its only been a few games into the season, but don’t tell that to David Pastrnak. Without a skipping a beat, Pastrnak has easily carried over the success he had last season into this year. With his continued aggressive play with the puck, he has now netted seven goals in just five games. And this is just the beginning for the young Czech as he continues to blossom and become the superstar he was born to be. So what exactly makes Pasta special? Let’s break it down in this special ” Pasta” appreciation article.


The kid can score. And they’re really pretty. Actually, insane is a good word to describe the many goals he’s scored so far, and they are worthy of the highlight reel. As recent as this past Thursday, Pasta netted what many consider THE goal of the season.

As for being part of the Marchand-Bergeron power trio line, Pastrnak is seemingly growing into his role up front. And he’s only going to get better as he continues to bring his gameplay to another level. Whether or not that line will be shuffled is a subject that many continue to discuss. I will say, I was happy to see that Coach Bruce Cassidy was in no rush to change the MBP line. The 22-year-old winger is on a streak, scoring his 100th goal in today’s game against Detroit and netting his 2nd career hat trick. In a thrashing against the Red Wings, Pastrnak got Boston on board, scoring near the end of the 1st period.


It’s no secret that Bergeron and Marchand have great chemistry that has been built over the past eight seasons. Last year though, Cassidy slotted the Czech forward alongside the dynamic duo. Pastrnak quickly and quietly added another boost of star power thus creating one the NHL’s most dangerous and productive line. Pasta wants to score and being on that top forward line is allowing him to do just that. As that first line started to gel, the points started to pour in for Pastrnak.

In the 2017-18 season, Pastrnak was one of the few players that participated in all 82 regular games. He had 35 goals with 45 assists for 80 points, nearly garnering a point each game. At that rate, he’s on pace for 90 points this year (although personally, I’d like to say more like 100 points). In the playoffs last season, Pastrnak ended the run with six points, with 14 assists for 20 points in 12 games.

There’s also that Gretzky record he broke while playing Game 2 against Toronto when he became the youngest player to record six points in an NHL playoff game. It also marked the first time a Bruin had three goals and six points in a playoff game since Phil Esposito in 1969. Safe to say the Bruins front office made out with a steal when they re-signed the winger to a six-year contract for only $40 million after a Don Sweeney bluff. This means he’ll be in his prime while still playing for Boston. Fingers-crossed that if he’s still producing, Boston will show him the money and extend his contract.



Fashion. Thy name is Pastrnak. Could it be that he has European flare? Besides scoring crazy goals off the ice, there’s nothing like seeing those wild suits. Whether he dresses for that pre-game or post-game interview, Pastrnak has built quite a reputation for his fashionable tastes and almost always, never disappoints. He’s also giving former Bruins coach Don Cherry a run for his money (if you’d never heard of the famous Cherry suits just do a quick Google search …you won’t be sorry).

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Not only is David Pastrnak the unofficial Bruins Ambassador to China, but he is also pretty big in Europe. He’s the only active NHL player with a Chinese endorsement for a sugary milk drink. As the sport of hockey continues to expand in China, Pastrnak has been pretty active there for a while now, running youth clinics with other Bruins players during a global tour in 2017. Pastrnak also spent time back in Sweden (where he started his career) with younger players. You can watch the video here from CNN.

David Pastrnak imparts knowledge upon the youth players at the clinic.

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And lastly, that chipped smile and having the “worst” tape job in the league. It makes Pasta who he is. But as he quickly shows, it doesn’t really matter how you tape your stick. It certainly has not impeded in his scoring abilities (if it worked for Orr, it’ll work for Pasta). When facing the Boston Media, Pastrnak is never one to shy away from answering questions or crack a joke. His enthusiasm for the game is infectious as his positivity that he brings to both practices and games. With his continued success this season, as early as it is, it’s hard not to smile each time he nets a goal (whether it’s pretty or not). Don’t ever change Pasta — Boston likes the way you are.