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Allow myself to introduce…myself.

Or, more specifically quote myself, to paraphrase legendary comedic spy Austin Powers (Danger’s his middle name). Over the Summer, I had the pleasure to preview for the Black N’ Gold Blog a number of important games in the schedule, with my “Mark Your Bruins Calendar: Part I” focusing on this upcoming stretch of hockey against Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver & yes–even Ottawa. At that time, my thoughts were centered around just how big of a potential impact these games–and this road trip as a whole–could have on the play, chemistry & depth of this year’s talented B’s squad:

I’m more interested in the first big road trip of the year, and it comes not long after the season starts. In fact, only five games in. AND, it’s the always challenging Canadian west coast kick. Usually, this stretch of games is reserved for the late Winter / early Spring part of the schedule but not this season. Right out of the gate, the B’s players — especially the young guns and newly acquired backup Jaroslav Halak — will be tested with a tricky trip through British Columbia and Alberta (capped off with a “how do ya do” in Ottawa, Ontario). Fellow blogger @thesportsguy97 mentioned this stretch when he previewed the whole schedule recently, but I’m highlighting it again because of its potential importance to the team.

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So, just how important do these games potentially look NOW? Well, for starters, the Bruins are one of the hottest team’s in hockey and a good, long road trip through the Great White North will definitely be a stiff challenge to their recent winning ways. But, it could also be a galvanizing experience for the roster & coaching staff, especially if the B’s can pick up points in AT LEAST 3 of the 4 contests (I’m personally predicting a 2-1-1 record). To wit:

It goes without saying what a solid showing versus Calgary, Edmonton (back-to-back, hence Halak’s importance) and Vancouver can do for the morale of the team… One needs to look no further than the 2010-2011 Cup-winning Bruins squad that SWEPT these teams in late February. That stretch of play galvanized the youthful B’s core along with the grizzled vets and truly catapulted them to contender status. Yes, that was towards the end of the year, but getting those same results–or at least the same level of spirited competition–at the start of the year for this upcoming B’s squad would be absolutely beneficial to everyone. It would also prove that team bonding during travel makes a big difference on the ice, as I’ve always felt personality and leadership on the road can be just as invaluable as all those “intangibles” coaches, scouts and hockey insiders like to mention…

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that the Bruins currently have better records than all of their “Canadian Kick” opponents, in addition to having played Calgary twice in China (both wins), and Edmonton & Ottawa at home last week (two very spirited winning affairs). So, you better believe that all of these teams on home-ice, including the Oil’s home opener, will be gunning for some sweet revenge against the B’s. This won’t be an easy seven days of hockey & travel, which is all the more reason why everyone needs to make the most of their recent inspired teamwork, chemistry & camaraderie together–all qualities that not even the most stat-filled score sheet can account for (which may explain why the B’s are hiring more analytics experts as our friends over at The Athletic have shared).

What you can COUNT ON over the next week plus, however, is a special slate of hockey for a hungry B’s team eager to prove their hot start isn’t a fluke or a circumstance of scheduling. Because, in the paraphrased words of an aforementioned International Man of Mystery (and later hockey but we’ll save that for another article), their upcoming schedule is not the time to lose one’s head…or not get ahead in the standings… or not be headstrong… or not be the head of their division…

OK, that’ll do!