PHOTO CREDIT: Winslow Townson / USA Today Sports

By: Michael DeRosa | Check me out on Twitter @michael_derosa4

David Krejci has been an integral piece of the Boston Bruins’ lineup for over a decade. During this time, he has consistently been a reliable top-six forward. His ability to be an intelligent playmaker is what has allowed him to find a solid amount of success in the league. He was the leading scorer in both the 2011 and 2013 NHL postseasons as well. However, as time has passed, it is clear that his offensive production has dropped off just a tad bit. This can be blamed on a number of situations.

Perhaps the biggest reason behind his point totals dropping is the fact that he has not been given steady linemates since the departures of both Milan Lucic and Nathan Horton. Instead, he has been forced to create chemistry with new players, only for them to be dealt elsewhere or moved to different lines. The fact of the matter is that Krejci simply has not been playing with top-notch talent for a handful of seasons.

However, this is quickly changing with the emergence of Jake DeBrusk as a true sniper. It seems that he is definitely finding his potential. DeBrusk did have success last year with the team, but this season he is showing that he is capable of producing at a higher level. This is spectacular to see because Krejci is now registering an abundance of assists as a result of this. In fact, he has a total of 17 of them in just 23 games thus far. Although he only has two goals to go along with that, he is still producing at a level that we have not seen from over the last few seasons.

Yet, what is even more intriguing is the fact that the left wingers he has played with this season have struggled when it comes to offense. Joakim Nordstrom continues to land himself a spot on the second-line, but this is not ideal. Although he has done everything the team has asked for and displays an immense amount of effort, five points in 22 games are not going to cut it. Danton Heinen, a player who was supposed to make a big jump this season, also has struggled when playing on the line. He also has only five points.

It is quite clear that the team should make a deal. This obviously is a bit more challenging during this point of the season. However, picking up a right winger to play with Krejci would be an incredibly wise decision. There is going to be a handful of rentals available at the deadline who could fit in perfectly. If the Philadelphia Flyers continue to struggle, Wayne Simmonds could be the ideal candidate because he is a power forward with a strong nose to the net. Everyone knows Krejci has had most of his success playing with bigger forwards. He would also be able to protect the star talent of the team.

There is no question that some fans want to see more from Krejci offensively. However, even with this being the case, he has been doing enough. In fact, when looking at this current line situation, one could argue that he is excelling immensely. Him having a $7 million cap hit does bring him a lot of expectations, but for the most part this season, he has reached them. Although he has fewer points than the members of the best first-line in all of hockey, he is not that far behind them. Perhaps linking up him and David Pastrnak for a handful of games could even be a smart move.

At the end of the day, Krejci is a center who has never seemed to receive the praise he deserves. There is no question that he is a bit overshadowed by Patrice Bergeron, but that makes sense. Bergeron is arguably the best two-way forward of this generation. However, Krejci has been a spectacular piece of the Bruins as well. Without him in the lineup, the team would be struggling even more with their offensive production. If the B’s could get him another winger in the near future, it would be golden for everyone involved. With everything that Krejci has accomplished in his tenure here, it is well deserved.

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