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By: Evan Michael | Follow me on Twitter @00EvanMichael
“Hands Down”… the Boston Bruins have started the season playing some of the most successful and spirited hockey in all of the league (hence why the team’s 7-1-2 record with 16 points is towards the top of the standings early on).
Yet, according to the popular puck YouTube blogger Hands Down Hockey, the strong start hasn’t quieted the sometimes deafening Bruins Trade Rumors about (take a guess):



To say this speculation is newsurprising or even unfounded would make any of us who follow the team consistently a bit dumbfounded. All of the above bullet points are a consistent topic of conversation within B’s Nation. But, with the recent injury to David Krejci combined with a complete lack of production from anyone not named David Pastrnak, you can see why GM Don Sweeney is not wasting any times “working the phones” as the video blog suggests.
Heck, we all know the likelihood of a trade happening before the deadline in 2020 is akin to Sweeney purchasing Michalengelo’s David (while we’re on the subject of “name dropping”). It’s a longshot. But, with potential other names like Taylor Hall and Alex Tuch and Jason Zucker being bandied about, it would be remiss of Sweeney not to put a tentative plan in place.
He’s already going to have some difficult decisions when Kevan Miller and John (not Josh as the blog mispronounces) Moore return from injuries to aid the back end — and that’s not even factoring in what will happen with Torey Krug, especially if the B’s hot start and consistent play fades by February. Boston Hockey Now’s Jimmy Murphy breaks down the likelihood of this happening:

What is actually happening re: Boston hockey right now? Nothing to complain about, fret about or worry about, despite the lack of secondary scoring and at times suspect D-zone coverage. Because point production, great goaltending and entertaining wins offset a lot of concerns in this game, not to mention speculation. But, that’s what being a Bruins fan (and blogger) is all about! It can be fun to play the “what if” game in between the real games. And it’s never really too early to do so, as Hacks with Haggs enjoys.

Now, you don’t have to agree with any of the above clips, tweets & posts — or even deem them worth of your time and attention. But, if they’re catching the attention of the B’s top brass and could, be it now or later this season, put this team over the top with a real chance at making another Cup run, then why not pay attention.
This truly is the best time of year for sports fans, and you can Bet( on it! Isn’t it the SPORTS EQUINOX anyhow?