(Photo Credit: Bruins Reddit)

By: Evan Michael | Follow me on Twitter @00EvanMichael 

Trick… or Treat? 

That’s the question Bruins fans need to be asking this Halloween about what a potential B’s alternate or third jersey may look like for the upcoming season.

And with many media members, fans and even the players themselves already weighing in on the spooktacular sweater topic, we here at the Black N’ Gold Blog are curious what YOU think the Bruins should do when it comes to an additional on-ice look!

Should the team go with something new and completely out-of-the-box ala the Dallas Stars (who may not be getting glowing reviews this fangtastically festive season with their alternate jersey neon take as seen below)?

Would revisiting a former alternate/third jersey like the infamous “Pooh Bear” be a honey of an idea for the B’s (I guarantee it will get people “buzzing”) — even if in reverse form ala this epic Pete Blackburn / Ty Anderson topical thread of Jurassic Jeff Goldblum questioning?

Or could a simple, classic jersey approach from the era of Neely, Bourque, Moog and Lemelin be the “All-Star” idea of the sweater season as my fellow Evan, Mr. Marinofsky, suggests?

I’m more for the latter as opposed to the former… but then again, I’ve never not enjoyed any “Retro” take on a jersey — ugly bears or cursive “B’s” aside as I once wrote here on this beloved blog! That being said, I think something “fresh” that pays homage to the famous spoked-B would be the best option for Boston next year.

Something in-“B”-tween, dare I say, all of the above options that isn’t necessarily a stitch-for-stitch throwback to a bygone era but a modern-day reimagining of a look that everybody could get “B”-hind (to be pointedly punny).

As you may remember, this past season’s “third jersey” was met with equal parts praise and perfidy. So, what will 2021 offer us? An on-ice alternate look that’s a trick… or a treat?

I think we’re all hoping to be treated to any form of Bruins news that, like getting loads of candy on Halloween, may put a smile on our face after a sour offseason to say the least. And a fun, hip new jersey announcement would definitely be worth sinking our teeth — or fangs — into as fans!