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What started as a dynamic season slowly went downhill for the Bruins top line when the pandemic hit. Once the playoffs started up again, David Pastrnak had problems joining back up with his team due to quarantine, which made the rhythm with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand unbalanced and not as productive as they were before COVID-19. However, each of the Bruins’ top line members has had their ups and downs throughout the season.

Patrice Bergeron

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Patrice Bergeron is a four-time Selke Trophy winner, and he didn’t win four; he won them consecutively from 2011 to 2017.  He has been a Bruins player his whole career.  During this year’s Halloween, he recruited several of his teammates to hold a charity event for the Boston Children Hospital via Zoom. All the players who participated dressed as a character from Sesame Street.

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In the 2019 – 2020 season, Bergeron played 61 games and within those games scored 31 goals with 25 asst. However, Bergeron is best known for his faceoffs; this season, he won a percentage of 57.89, which is outstanding by itself and also one of his strengths. Another strength is his determination to play and be part of the team. In 2013, during the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Chicago Blackhawks, he played with a torn rib cartilage in Game 4, a broken rib in Game 5, and a separated shoulder and punctured lung in Game 6, which then sent the Assistant Captian to the hospital. 

Homework for the offseason would be to stay healthy and to practice when possible. And if there were an award for Bergy this year, it would be MOST RELIABLE!

Brad Marchand

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Brad Marchand, aka “Little Ball of Hate,” is a remarkable player! For last season he scored 28 goals and 59 Assist. Marchand is known for being a brat or instigator, but his enthusiasm makes him who he is.

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Improvements that Marchand could make would find a better rhythm with Pasternak. The magic is obvious between Marchand and Bergeron, but it doesn’t look the same with Pasta. An award for Marshy this season would be MOST ENTERTAINING!

David Pastrnak

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David Pastrnak is young and extremely talented! If it wasn’t for COVID-19 ruining the season, who knows how many goals this man would have scored. For the season, he got 48 goals and 47 assists. Before the epidemic hit, there was a competition going on amongst top team goal scorers, and Pasta was amongst them. Once the hockey season restarted, Pastrnak had problems returning to the game, but once he got through all of that, his performance was nothing but what the fans expect.

Things for Pastrnak to improve on should be learning more from Bergeron and Marchand. And to pay attention to the league rules so that he doesn’t miss games and is considered “not fit to play.” However, if there was a trophy for Pasta this season, it would be BEST DRESSED!

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Overall the Boston Bruins’ top line is a Wicked Pissa. All of us are waiting to go and see them play at TD Garden. But they never disappoint and will always get an A+. Communication is the key to any team or relationship. It is clear that this line is called the Top Line for a reason. Bruins’ fans can only hope that these three stay together for a while.