(Photo Credit: Adam Glanzman-Getty Images)

By: Tim A Richardson | Follow Me On Twitter @TimARichardson

The regular season has finally arrived, and our Boston Bruins are off to a great start. The global pandemic still raging on has left us with many different storylines and players to keep an eye on. One player I am going to keep my eye on is Charlie Coyle. I believe that he is going to be a major x-factor for the Bruins in this shortened-season. Let’s dive into why I think that is.

Charlie Coyle originally came to Boston via trade with the Minnesota Wild. The Bruins sent Minnesota Ryan Donato and a fifth-round pick in exchange for Coyle. This trade drew some flack from fans for giving up on a prospect so soon. I was one of those people initially upset. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Ever since coming to Boston, the veteran center has been a great asset. In 96 games with the black and gold, he’s found the back of the net 20 times while dishing out 26 assists for 46 total points (stats courtesy of Hockey-Reference). In 37 playoff games, he’s netted 12 goals while tallying nine assists for 21 total points (stats courtesy of Hockey-Reference).

On the surface, those numbers are pretty good. However, I decided to dig deeper into those numbers and see how the Bruins did in games that Coyle registered a point. Since the trade, Boston is 25-5-6 in games that the veteran center scores a point (stats courtesy of Hockey-Reference). That means the Bruins grabbed 56 of a possible 72 points in games that Coyle finds the scoresheet. To go even further, our boys in black and gold are 11-5 in playoff games that Charlie scores. Those stats prove just how valuable he is to the team. It also shows how much he means to their success.

Two other qualities that make Coyle so valuable are his versatility and durability. Not only is he able to center arguably the best third-line in hockey, but he can also play on the wing if needed because of injury or general ineffectiveness. To give you an idea about how durable he is, if the Bruins have a game, he’s in the lineup. It’s that simple. These qualities and the Bruins record in games he registers a point are even more imperative this season. Due to the on-going global pandemic, there are only 56 games this season. That means every single game is crucial in helping the Bruins get to the playoffs. The team cannot afford to leave points on the board.

As you can see, many different factors result in Charlie Coyle being an integral part of the Boston Bruins. There are many reasons why Coyle may end up being an x-factor for our boys in black and gold. The main reasons why I believe this is the case are the team’s record when he finds the scoresheet, his durability, and his versatility. All in all, Charlie Coyle is fun to watch on the ice and, he has quickly become my favorite player wearing the spoked B. I hope you all enjoy watching him as much as I do. Feel free to send me any comments or questions on Twitter. As always, GO, Bs, GO!