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Show Description

Black N’ Gold Weekly is a weekly Boston Bruins show on YouTube hosted by Jon Duncan. Duncan is a lifelong hockey fan who played the sport for over ten years growing up. While the Bruins are the Massachusetts native’s favorite team, he has been covering the entire NHL on YouTube since 2017. He, along with guests, will discuss the biggest Bruins stories each and every week. Sit back, relax, and get ready for a fun and knowledgeable show where no opinion will be held back.

Episode 21 Summary

Episode 21 of Black N’ Gold Weekly is here, and Jon takes a look at the Bruins’ playoff series against the Washington Capitals so far. Three games have been played, and the Bruins hold a two to one series lead. Jon starts the show by reviewing the first three games of the series. Next, he takes a look at an article by BNG writer Joey Partridge looking at how the Bruins have played in the series so far. Jon discusses a lot of positives about the first three games of the series. Finally, Jon looks ahead to the upcoming week and the rest of the series against Washington. The winner will be determined within the next six days.

TIMESTAMPS: Washington Series So Far: 00:02:06 | Series Thoughts Article: 00:14:33 | Preview Week Ahead: 00:30:33

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