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“The Lindroth Hockey Podcast,” featuring co-hosts, father and son duo, Andrew and James Lindroth. This show is a part of the Black N’ Gold Podcast Network.

We decided to combine our old and new school hockey mindsets to create fascinating discussions about current National Hockey League (NHL) news, news revolving around the Boston Bruins organization, and ‘old-time’ hockey memories. We are also based in Tulsa, OK, and regularly attend the Anaheim Ducks (NHL) East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) minor-pro affiliate, the Tulsa Oilers, and will be discussing news related to the Tulsa organization.

The podcast show releases a new episode every week and features special guests ranging from former NHL and other pro players, coaches, other additional professional hockey staff, and more!

Fred Knipscheer – Former Boston Bruin

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The Lindroth boys are back at it this week with episode 41! We are very grateful to have on special guest, former Boston Bruin Fred Knipscheer! Tune in to the pod as we discuss his journey idolizing the Bruins as a child and later playing for the team, pranks with Peter Laviolette, his CBD business ‘Simplinano CBD’, and much more!

Fred began playing in the USHL as a teenager for the Omaha Lancers during the ’89-’90 season and later committed to St.Cloud State for the next few years. He dominated in the WCHA from ’90-’93, notching 34 goals and 60 points in just 36 contests his junior year, which eventually was the way he earned his first professional contract from the Boston Bruins in 1993. He began his pro career with the Providence Bruins but made his NHL debut with Boston his rookie season in 1994 and played in the postseason.

He continued to develop with the Bruins organization the following season, stringing together another 16 games with the Bruins and another playoff appearance. After his time with the Bruins, he joined the St.Louis Blues organization and continued playing professionally throughout the AHL and IHL until officially retiring in 2000.

Fred is now a founder of a company called ‘Simplinano CBD’ and can check them out at http://rice.simplinano.com

“Simplinano is a daily wellness cream utilizing a Nanodiamond Delivery System. This product combines ultra-pure water with glutathione and all-natural organic hemp with gold standard organic certifications. This topical product skips the GI tract so that there is 80-90% more bioavailability of the product to benefit your endocannabinoid system. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that’s produced by the body’s cells. Age, stress and toxin exposure can decrease your natural glutathione levels. Using Simplinano wellness cream may provide your body the boost it needs to fight oxidative.”

JIM: “So Fred, you played at St. Cloud State, and in your time there you know stats only tell a portion of the story, but had 111 points in about 109 games.. can you talk to us a little bit about your experience..”

FRED: “Yeah it was great, and I was very fortunate.. coach gave me a great opportunity and I was being recruited by a few other schools and he basically told me from the beginning that if I went to St. Cloud that I was gonna be a big part of their program..”

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