(Photo Credit: Greg Dudek/NESN)

By Andrew Bluestein | Follow Me On Twitter

The Boston Bruins unveiled their centennial jerseys on Saturday evening, September 16th, at Logan Airport in Boston. Brad Marchand, Milan Lucic, and Brandon Carlo were in attendance, participating in a mock fashion show while dawning the Bruin’s new sweaters.

The team showcased three new jerseys, including a home, an away, and an alternate they will wear during their soon-to-start 100th season. There are a lot of tidbits incorporated with the jerseys that contain an ode to different uniforms and logos throughout Bruins history. 

The home jersey is black with alternating gold stripes on the sleeves, similar to the jerseys the team wore back during the 1950s era. On the right shoulder is a patch of the centennial crest, which features a similar logo of the bear used in the Bruins 1924 inaugural season. In the middle of the bear is the number 100; on the left, it says 1924, and on the right, 2024 represents the original six teams’ 100 years. 

The crest on the front of the jersey displays a gold B and black spokes branching out, connecting to a gold circle. This is a concept similar to what the team used from 1955 all the way to 1995 on the black jersey. The B in the middle remains the same style the team has been using since the 2007-08 season, with the little tails coming off the end of both the top and bottom. Small white blocked numbers are also outlined in gold on both sleeves below the shoulder.

The road white jersey is the same concept as the home blacks but in reverse. The stripes down the sleeves alternate black and gold, and the centennial patch remains on the right shoulder. The spoked B on the chest is also a similar concept used for the white uniforms from 1955 to 1995. The B is black with gold spokes coming out, connecting to a black circle. It is also the same style B used from 2007 until now. The blocked numbers on both sleeves are black with a gold outline. 

The Alternate jersey is the same concept as the white uniforms from the 1948-49 season but with a slight cream tint. It has gold shoulder blades with a brown line underneath right below the neck area. The same centennial crest patch is on the right shoulder but is filled in gold. There are two gold stripes on both sleeves with thin brown lines on the inside. The same stripe pattern is on the bottom of the jersey.

The logo on the front is the same spoked B concept as the home and away jersey, with a gold B and brown spokes connecting to a brown circle. On the left side of the B, it says 19, and the left side says 24, again representing the inaugural season. The blocked numbers on both sleeves are brown with a gold outline. 

Now, you might be wondering why brown and gold. The Bruins have worn variations of brown and gold uniforms in the past, but there is a specific reason. Those were the team’s original colors because the franchise’s first owner, Charles Adams, wanted the color scheme to match the grocery store chain he owned called First National Stores. It should also be known that this is the final season of the Adidas licensing deal, and then we will switch to fanatics for the 2024-25 season.