(Photo Credit: Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

By: Tom Calautti | Follow me on Twitter @TCalauttis and Linktree

The regular season is less than one week away, and the Boston Bruins are getting set for their centennial season. As we inch closer to puck drop, we get closer and closer to revealing Boston’s top prospect. The number two prospect in the Bruins’s system is Fabian Lysell.

Lysell was selected with the 21st overall pick in the 2021 NHL Draft. He’s one of only two first-round selections the Bruins have made in the last six seasons. The Sweden-born winger played for the Vancouver Giants for the WHL in his first season following his selection. He lit up the league, posting 22 goals, 40 assists, and 62 assists in 53 games. The hype grew following the WHL playoffs when Lysell posted four goals and 17 assists in 12 playoff games.

The Goteborg, Sweden, native was promoted to the Providence Bruins following his first season on North American ice. Lysell spent most of the season skating alongside fellow prospect Georgii Merkulov and registered 14 goals, 23 assists, and 37 points in 54 games. He followed that season up with an up-and-down training camp in 2023, resulting in him being sent down to Providence to start this season.

The old adage says ‘speed kills,’ and Fabian Lysell has plenty to spare. He’s an incredible skater with effortless strides and unmatched acceleration that allows him to fly quickly up and down the ice. He has speed that puts intense pressure on opponents, even when they have solid possession. Add the ability to stop, start, and change direction on a dime, and you have a dynamic prospect.

Plenty of players have made their way to the NHL with impressive speed and flamed out once they reached the league. What elevates Lysell is his ability to use that speed in unison with his soft hands and instincts to create offense. He’s excellent at creating space for himself and others and can think several steps ahead to create plays for himself and others. He’s constantly on the attack and always looking to make plays towards the net.

When I saw Lysell at Bruins Development Camp, one thing became abundantly clear: this kid has the most pure skill of anyone in the Bruins system. The second he stepped on the ice, he instantly took over the camp, driving play and dictating the pace. I can’t stress enough how impeccable skater he is and how relevant that tool is at the NHL level.

The crafty winger is a great passer, has a great wrist shot, and thrives in transition. It’s true Lysell hit a wall in his rookie season, but that doesn’t mean Lysell is someone people should press the panic button over. Lysell is only 20 years old and is 5’11”, 175 lbs. He still has time to grow into his body and develop the size and strength needed to play in the NHL.

It usually takes European players time to adjust to the smaller North American ice and some time to adapt to the speed and size of the pro game. Lysell has made two massive jumps to vastly different leagues in only two seasons. Now that he has his footing under him in the AHL and will hopefully reunite with Merkulov, I think Lysell is poised to have a monster year and maybe even make a cameo with the Bruins.

He has the talent, skill, and speed to be an elite winger for many years to come, and if he’s allowed to develop and grow into his adult frame, he has the potential to be remarkable.