(Photo Credit: Wendy Bullard/ Flikr.)

By Andrew Bluestein | Follow Me On Twitter @adbblue

Old friend Milan Lucic is back, and he’ll be wearing a Boston Bruins jersey once again. Many fans are excited to see the man they call “Looch” back in town, but the Bruins players certainly are as well.

Lucic brings something to the table the Bruins haven’t had in a few seasons. Ever since Zedano Chara left, there hasn’t been that one guy who teams have to answer to if something chippy or unsportsmanlike occurs on the ice. It’s not to say the team has been pushed around, but that element has been lacking for a while now. 

The big power forward brings that intimidation factor that makes opponents think twice about taking a run at a guy or getting in an extra jab or two after the whistle. Lucic is known as one of the toughest customers in NHL history and has a devastating right hand, as Bruins fans know more than anyone. 

Although Lucic will undoubtedly have a different role in terms of his position, his role as the team’s enforcer will certainly be the same as it’s been throughout his entire career. The former Bruins second-round pick is heading into his 17th NHL season, and he’s definitely gained the rest of the league’s respect by now, which counts for a lot. 

Since being back, it seems like he’s taken on a leadership role in the dressing room, as head coach Jim Montgomery mentioned earlier during training camp. “The things that have stood out is he’s really relishing the leadership role and mentorship role, which has been great. His attitude has been fantastic.” That’s a great thing for the team after losing a lot of veteran presence during the off-season.

Aside from the intimidation Factor, Lucic has shown he can still keep up with the quick pace of the game. He has also seen some power play time during practice and in the lone preseason game he has played. It is unlikely he’ll see much time, if at all, on the man advantage once the regular season starts, but he has experience throughout his career and can be an option if need be. 

The Vancouver, BC, Canada native has also shown he still has that physicality we’re used to, especially on the boards. In his first preseason game against the Buffalo Sabres, he won a couple of puck battles in the corner, which they’ll need from him this season. He’ll likely be slotted into a fourth-line wing role, a perfect spot for him to help contribute. 

Lucic is expected to be in the lineup for the second time tonight against the Washington Capitals for the Bruin’s fourth preseason game. He was taking like rushes at practice this morning in the third-line left wing spot with John Beecher and Jakub Lauko while also on the second power-play unit. He’ll undoubtedly get a loud ovation with plenty of “LOOOOOOCH!” Chants from the TD Garden crowd tonight.