(Photo Credit: Jordan McAlpine/The Rink Live)

By: Tom Calautti | Follow me on Twitter @TCalauttis

After months of speculation, the Linus Ullmark Saga has finally come to a close. Less than an hour before the puck was dropped on Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals, Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney shipped the 2023 Vezina Trophy winner to the Ottawa Senators in exchange for the 25th overall pick in the 2024 NHL Draft, goaltender Joonas Korpisalo, and forward Mark Kastelic.

For the first time since 2021 and only the second time in seven years, the Boston Bruins will have a selection in the draft’s first round. With a prospect pool ranked 27th in the league and a new wave of young talent on the horizon, the team has an incredible opportunity to address a position of need and bolster its organizational depth in one fell swoop. Here’s who the Bruins brass could target with the pick:

Michael Hage

EPR Consolidated Ranking: 20

Position: C

Age: 18

Height/Weight: 6’1″, 190lbs

League: USHL

Stats: 54 Games, 33 Goals, 42 Assists, 75 Points

If the Boston Bruins decide to go the speed and skill route, they must consider Michael Hage. He’s an electric player with the puck on his stick and boasts a speed and skating ability that’s allowed him to shoot up draft boards. He’s an excellent stick handler who can deftly move through defenders and use his skill with the puck to create scoring opportunities for himself. He’ll need to work on some of the defensive details in his game, but his incredible speed combined with his hands makes him an enticing prospect if he falls to 25.

Sacha Boisvert

EPR Consolidated Ranking: 21

Position: C

Age: 18

Height/Weight: 6’2″, 179lbs

League: USHL

Stats: 61 Games, 36 Goals, 32 Assists, 68 Points

Sacha Boisvert might be the most well-rounded center available when Boston is on the clock at 25. Everything I’ve read about him makes me think he would be absolutely perfect in Black and Gold. He has a hard, heavy shot that he can utilize anywhere on the ice. He also has the size and strength to carve out space in front of the net and make life difficult for goalies. But what really stands out is how well-rounded his game is. Multiple outlets touted his commitment to the faceoff dot, responsibility in his own zone, and commitment to playing a full 200-foot game. If he’s available, Boisvert would be my favorite pick at 25.

Jett Luchanko

EPR Consolidated Ranking: 22

Position: C

Age: 17

Height/Weight: 5’11”, 183lbs

League: OHL

Stats: 68 Games, 20 Goals, 54 Assists, 74 Points

Jett Luchanko hails from the same OHL squad as Bruins prospect Matt Poitras and was actually given an elevated role when Boston decided to keep Poitras in the NHL. Luchanko is another prospect with incredible skating ability. If Cam Neely was serious about wanting to get faster, you could do a lot worse than having Luchanko in your lineup. He excels as a playmaker and facilitator, using his impressive vision and hockey IQ to elevate his teammates. He’s someone who needs to shoot the puck more, but the details in his game are solid, and the intangibles are there. Luchanko is another player I’d be comfortable seeing Boston select at 25.

Cole Beaudoin

EPR Consolidated Ranking: 32

Position: C

Age: 18

Height/Weight: 6’2″, 201lbs

League: OHL

Stats: 67 Games, 28 Goals, 34 Assists, 62 Points

Beaudoin is the type of power forward who profiles as someone who will excel in playoff hockey. He is willing and capable enough to win board battles, can fight for an inside position in the slot, and has the strength to finish in tight areas and score in the blue paint. He’s been heralded for his work ethic on and off the ice and plays an old-school style game with his physicality. The questions with Beaudoin arise when you look at his offensive upside. Undoubtedly, he can be an effective NHLer; the question is, will his production translate to the next level?

Teddy Stiga

EPR Consolidated Ranking: 31

Position: C/W

Age: 18

Height/Weight: 5’10”, 176lbs

League: NTDP

Stats: 61 Games, 36 Goals, 43 Assists, 79 Points

Teddy Stiga may not fit the size profile that the Boston Bruins are interested in, but sometimes, you must ignore those limitations when the talent is there. Stiga has been in New England for years now, skating with the Boston Junior Eagles and committing to Boston College next season. He improved drastically this year after being elevated in the NTDP lineup and used his speed and puckhandling abilities to advance up draft boards. He’s a solid forechecker who competes on every shift and has improved at every level of hockey he’s played.

Lucas Pettersson

EPR Consolidated Ranking: 38

Position: C

Age: 18

Height/Weight: 5’10”, 176lbs

League: MoDo Hockey J20

Stats: 44 Games, 27 Goals, 30 Assists, 57 Points

This is the part of the list where, if the Bruins decide to select a center, it may be considered a reach. That being said, I really like what I’ve read about Lucas Pettersson. His poise and passing accuracy are similar to David Krejci, and he has some speed to boot. He’s a two-way center who is responsible in all three zones and seems like the kind of prospect who, with some seasoning, could elevate into a top-six role. He plays a solid game, is reliable in all situations, and just might have the upside to make him worth the reach.

Julius Miettinen

EPR Consolidated Ranking: 42

Position: C

Age: 18

Height/Weight: 6’3″, 201lbs

League: WHL

Stats: 66 Games, 31 Goals, 36 Assists, 67 Points

Miettinen is another player whose size and frame make him an ideal candidate for playoff hockey. As a bigger player, he knows how to maneuver on the offensive and make himself open while also having the drive and zeal to create havoc in front of the net. He excelled on faceoffs (55.1 percent) and displayed an ability to score from high-danger areas. The question with him would be if he can evolve his game to keep up with the speed and skill of the pro level.

Dean Letourneau

EPR Consolidated Ranking: 44

Position: C

Age: 18

Height/Weight: 6’7″, 209lbs

League: PHC

Stats: 14 Games, 14 Goals, 11 Assists, 25 Points

Letourneau is an absolute giant who moves well and has impressive agility for his size. The great thing about Letourneau is how high his ceiling is. Can you imagine a well-conditioned 6’7″ center that can score around the net, dominate the faceoff dot, and establish the forecheck with his physicality? If the Bruins are looking to get purely speculative and shoot for the stars, Letourneau has the chance to be an absolutely incredible prospect. The issue, of course, is whether a player of his stature can keep up and maintain his skill at the NHL level.