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Bruins Stats Corner: Shattenkirk the Journeyman

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By Karoline Sears | Follow me on Mastodon: @spelled_with_a_k and Substack

Hindsight is 20/20 and I think it’s safe to say that Don Sweeny was specifically looking to add veterans to the lineup as a way to transition the Boston Bruins from their most recent golden age (2006-2025) into the next. I’ll get into why I think the current golden age … Keep Reading

Boston Bruins Trade Target: Vladislav Gavrikov

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By: Michael Rudd follow me on Twitter @Bosmike808.

With the NHL trade deadline just over a month away, it’s a good time to look at who the Bruins could realistically add to the roster. Naturally, adding a defenseman should be the top priority for Don Sweeney and company. You don’t have to look further than last year’s first-round exit against the Carolina Hurricanes. During … Keep Reading

Top 3 Defensemen targets for the Boston Bruins

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By: Jeff Playdon | Follow me on Twitter @PlaydonJeff

With the NHL Trade Deadline rapidly approaching, the Boston Bruins could use some help, specifically in the Defensemen category. As of March 20th, the Boston Bruins are 16-8-4, which puts them fourth in the division and just one point behind the Pittsburgh Penguins, who are in third place. This season the Bruins have been riddled with … Keep Reading